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10 Creative Uses for Cornstarch

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I am so excited to share these Creative Uses for Cornstarch.

10 Creative Uses for Cornstarch

Cornstarch…Everyone has an extra box in the pantry! Did you know you can use cornstarch in many more ways than just thickening up broths and soups?

Check out all the ways below you can use cornstarch. Talk about an easy and frugal alternative! Plus, it's safe for the family too.

10 Creative Uses for Cornstarch

Ruthie's Twisted Harvest Sweet Potato Marshmallows

1. Marshmallow Separation: The last time I bought marshmallows, they were all stuck together. But, I found out if I add a little cornstarch to the bag and give it a shake, the cornstarch will absorb the moisture and the marshmallows will separate. Who knew?

2. Easy Silver Polish: Mix together cornstarch and water to form a paste, then simply use it to polish your silverware. Be sure to rub it off with a soft cloth and watch it shine.

3. Spray Starch: Out of starch? This one happened to me not too long ago and I simply mixed 1 tablespoon of cornstarch with about 1 pint of water. Simply shake the mixture, then spray and iron. The more cornstarch you add, the more “starchy” the mixture will be.

4. Roach Remover: Get rid of nasty roaches by combining 50% cornstarch with 50% plaster of Paris. Simply spread the mixture around where the roaches are coming from and that should do the trick.

5. Emergency Shampoo: Sprinkle cornstarch on your hair to absorb oil in between shampoos. Certainly this is not a replacement, but it will work in a pinch!  Add some Essential Oils in my DIY Dry Shampoo post here for a pre-made mix.

6. Sweat Remover: I sweat. Yep, there, I said it. Serious amounts of sweat, folks. To absorb the wetness, simply sprinkle on some cornstarch, this will also help absorb odor similar to baking soda. I'm not saying that this replaces deodorant, but in the event you find yourself with no deodorant, but happen to have a box of cornstarch just sitting there well, you know what to do. (Tip from Princess Karen)

Household Uses:

disney plush characters

7. Stuffed Animal Cleaner: Simply place your stuffed animals in a bag and shake with cornstarch. Let them sit overnight, then, dust them off or vacuum them in the morning.

8. Carpet Freshener: Sprinkle cornstarch on your carpet about 30 minutes or so before you vacuum, it will help absorb odor and bring some cleanliness back into your floors. 

Homemade Glass Cleaner

9. Window Cleaner: Make your own Homemade Glass Cleaner! Combine 2 TBS cornstarch with 1/2 cup ammonia and 1/2 white vinegar. Then, add 3-4 liters of warm water, mix it together and add it to a spray bottle. It's a pretty simple mixture, but once you spray it on, you'll have to wipe it clean with a warm water mixture and then, dry with a paper towel. It's a little more intense than just grabbing a bottle of Windex, but it's a seriously cheap alternative. 

10. Make Your Own Baking Powder: Where has this been my entire life? All you have to do is mix 1 part of cornstarch with 1 part of baking soda and 2 parts cream of tartar. BAM. Instant baking powder! There are hundreds of uses for cornstarch and all of them are frugal and pretty creative. If we missed one of your favorites, feel free to post it below!

What are some of your favorite ways to use cornstarch?

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  1. It is wonderful for diaper rashes… I have used it for years!! I am a family daycare provider and Desitin gets very expensive…

  2. When trimming a pets nails if you cut to short and they begin bleeding dip in corn starch. Works as a clotted and stops the bleeding. I have used it on dogs and birds.

  3. Baby powder substitute. My twins got diaper rashes constantly. Did away with baby wipes and baby powder. Instead we use plain water with paper towels or a rag and sprinkle on some corn starch. Not a single diaper rash since. 🙂

  4. When hiking or working in the heat and you suddenly realize a burning sensation between the legs like a jock rash. Corn starch will relieve the pain instantly and keep it at bay until you can get medicine.

  5. I have a better tip for windows. Use few drops (6 or 7)of dawn dish liquid to two gallons warm water. Soap your windows and squeegee off, no drying required. Also just use hot water on mirrors, these tips will give you o streaks.

  6. Cornstarch can be used for your tennis shoes, just sprinkle alittle in your shoes and it absorbs moisture, works great.

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