Tips for Spring Cleaning and Organization

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Are you Spring Cleaning already? The good news is that what ever time of year you choose to do your major housecleaning, there's a ton of tips and guides to get you started! Check these out below!


Getting Started Spring Cleaning

I have been on a cleaning kick lately.The spring cleaning bug has already hit me as my steam cleaner has been working on overtime as I make my way through each task. I have been cleaning out cabinets, going through drawers and de-cluttering. There is nothing that stresses me out more than clutter.

The funny thing about cleaning kicks, is that once you start you can really make the house feel decluttered and welcoming- no matter what time of year it is! Check out a few good reasons to adapt your spring cleaning to other times of the year!

Spring Cleaning is… Anytime Cleaning!

  • Cleaning in January: It's cold outside and if you're stuck indoors due to the weather, what better way to cure the cabin fever than to de-clutter? I love cleaning in January since we usually have a LOT more stuff that has come in to the house over the Christmas season.
  • Spring Cleaning- even if it's not quite spring! My major house cleaning for the year is actually done by the time spring rolls around, sometimes. Why is this? Well, I like to snag clearance deals on organizers and cleaning tools which pop up in the later months of winter. Having new organizing and cleaning tools is a great motivator to get cleaning!

    Plus, if we have a garage sale in mind, I can have plenty of time to get it organized and planned before the storm season or hot weather arrives.
  • Summer/Fall/Winter Decluttering: Even if you're finding this post during the off months from traditional “spring cleaning”, don't fret. You can deep clean no matter what time of year it is.

    I love to use those rainy summer days to open the windows and air out the house while I clean!

    And, right before school starts in the late summer is a good time to go through all.the.things. kid related and throw out old stuff from last year! I don't even know how we accumulate so much stuff related to school, but it happens! It is great to have a fresh start before the new school year begins.

If you're thinking about getting a head start on your spring cleaning, check out these DIYs, tips, and Homemade Cleaner recipes below.

homemade cleaners

Frugal & DIY Cleaners:

 My Favorite Spring Cleaning Products:

I have 2 of these in my laundry room to hold my brooms, mops and small vacs etc. I love it! It keeps everything off the floor, organized and easy to use.

One of my favorite things to clean with: The Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Kit. You can refill it with whatever you want – homemade cleaners and more- and the pads can be washed.

This is great if you are in need of a spray mop for your tile floors but aren't a big fan of the commercial floor cleaners.

We cannot forget the best key to organizing your pantry! This Over the Door 24 Pocket Hanging Shoe Organizer is a wonderful way to hold all those little items! It can hold spices, small packets such as soups and stir fry mixes, and of course stuff the kids can grab and go with. Think chips, apple sauce pouches, and more!

Check out my post on using a handheld steamer to clean those tough messes quick and easy.

Finally, learn how to make your own DIY Under the Sink Curtain! Hide the clutter the cute way!

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