This Week at Aldi 2/27 – 3/5

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New to Aldi?

  1. Aldi does not accept coupons.
  2. You’ll need a quarter to get a shopping cart but you’ll get it back when the cart is returned.
  3. Be sure and bring recycle bags for your groceries.
  4. Aldi mainly carries their own brands but does have a few national brand items.
  5. Aldi produce prices are usually the best anywhere.
  6. I’ve tried many of the Aldi brand items and they are for the most part just as good or better than the national brand.
  7. How does Aldi sell their products so cheap? Check out our post: The “Truths” About Aldi


Lemons .15 ea.
Avocados .35 ea.
Onions 3-lbs. .79 ea.
Cataloupe .99 ea.

It's Mexican week at Aldi's- Kitchen Living Quesadilla Maker $14.99


Benita Chopped Green Chilies 4-oz. .69
Benita Mexican Style Corn 11-oz. .79
Benita Salsa Diced Tomatoes 14.5-oz. .89
Casa Mamita Pasta & Sauce Mixes .89
Casa Mamita Taco Shells 4.6-oz. .99
Clancy's Tortilla Chips Restaurant Style or Round 13-oz. $1.19
Old El Paso Heat & Serve Rice $1.49
Casa Mamita Mild or Medium Salsa 24-oz. $1.69
Clancy's Baked Potato Crisps 9-oz. $1.79
Old El Paso Taco Kits $2.19
Old El Paso Dinner Kits $2.19
Clancy's Big Dippers or Chili Cheese Corn Chips 9.25-oz. $1.19
Chef's Cupboard Chicken Enchilada Soup Mix 7.1-oz. $2.49
Benita Cafe Expresso 10-oz. $2.99
Happy Farms Shredded Mexican or Taco Cheese 12-oz. $2.99
Benita Grated Corija or Quesadilla Cheese16-oz. $3.99


Sea Queen Battered Fish Tenders 18-oz. $2.99
Benita Mini Ice Cream Bars Variety Pack 18-oz. $2.99
Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Chicken Fajita or Taco Pizza $2.99
Sea Queen Stuffed Clams 20-oz. $3.29
Benita Beef or Chicken Tamales 24-oz. $4.99
Sea Queen Bay Scallops 16-oz. $5.99
Sea Queen Snow Crab Legs 24-oz. $10.99


Fresh Chicken Breasts (5-lb. ave. weight) $1.69/lb.


Breakfast Best Heat-n-Serve Patties .99
Dannon Danonino 6-pk $1.89
Bake House Creations Break ‘n Bake Holiday Cookie Dough16-oz. $1.99
Little Salad Bar Tuna or Seafood Salad 16-oz. $2.99

Special Purchase:

Weekly Red Hot Special: Welby Body Fat Scale $14.99

In Focus Reading Glasses with case $3.99
Welby 9″ Ice Bag $4.99
Welby Reacher (holds up to 5-lb.) $7.99
Huntington Home Contour or Comfort Memory Foam Pillow $14.99

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