Cookie Bowls

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I've seen bread bowls for soup, so why not cookie bowls for ice cream?! Yum! I cheated a little and used pre-made cookie dough (shh don't tell anyone!! lol) Then take a muffin pan and turn it up side down. Grease it, grease it good!! Then put a spoon full of cookie dough on every other muffin bump (ok, I don't know what to call it!) If you don't leave space in between them then it will all blob together. Mold the dough over the top of the bump. As it cooks it will spread down… alot! Cook it for the same time you would regular cookies, but check to make sure they are done. A gooey cookie is good, but doesn't work well for a cookie bowl. After it's done baking it needs to cool completely, I actually let mine set for over an hour so they are firm enough to get off. Gently peel them off and enjoy!

My kiddos loved them! They thought it was the coolest thing ever!


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  1. i really like the idea of making cookie bowels and going to try and make them for my family for an special treat

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