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Points Policy Changes Coming to Walgreens – What You NEED to Know

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Points Policy Changes!

Walgreens is again changing their Balance Rewards policy.  The change will take place on November 4, 2018 and will affect how we redeem points.

There will be a maximum redeemption of $5.00 (or 5,000 points) per transaction!  The other change is there will no longer be escalating tiers on earning points. It will no longer be the more points you have the more they're worth (ie 18,000 pts. = $20) . Every 1,000 points earned will be worth $1.00 (ie 18,000 pts. = $18)

What that means:

If you have lots of points and want to get the most out of them spend NOW while you can still redeem up to $50 per transaction.

Walgreens will be sending out emails around October 2nd to confirm all of this so watch for it.  Some will also receive information by direct mail and catalina notifications will be printing

Thanks to Sherry N. for the heads up on this change!

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