Burial Plots-There’s a Coupon for Everything!

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Most of you know I get all kinds of pitches from brands wanting me to share their information or offer a coupon to my readers. I recently got what I thought was the strangest pitch I had ever seen. Buy One Get One Free Burial Plots. My husband and I chuckeled a bit over the email but as we started reading we thought you know, this is actually a great deal. You may think I'm crazy or you may think this post is morbid but hear me out. We just saved $4,000. Daniel and I met with the folks at Rose Hill today and planned out our future and bought plots at Sunny Lane Cemetary. We feel good about our kids not having to worry about what they will need to do when that time comes.

Noone wants to think about death or visit the place where they will be buried in the future but now is the time to start planning. Just think,we have locked in todays prices and we won't have to worry about what the prices will be 50 years from now. I hope you will take this post to heart and start thinking about your future. This offer has not been offered in the last 7 years and who know's if it will be available again. This offer ends TOMORROW March 18th.

This offer is good at both Rose Hill and Sunnylane cemetery in Oklahoma. Here is their info below: (Only a down payment is required)


Kimberly Jackson

Family Service Counselor

Office (405) 843-5771

Fax (405) 843-5754

Cell (405) 443-5392


Representing these Honored DIGNITY MEMORIAL Providers…


Rose Hill Burial Park Hahn-Cook/Street & Draper Funeral Home

Memorial Park Cemetery                                  Memorial Park Funeral Home

Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens                           Chapel Hill Funeral Home

Sunny Lane Cemetery                                  Sunny Lane Funeral Home

Resthaven Memorial Park                                Resthaven Funeral Home

Arlington Memorial Gardens                            Baggerley Funeral Home

Sunset Memorial Gardens                               Primrose Funeral Service

Bill Eisenhour Funeral Home

Guardian Funeral Homes West Chapel

Bill Merritt Funeral Service


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