Project Mom Casting: I made the Sizzle Reel

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Some of you may not know this but I applied for Project Mom Casting Online Mom reality Show at BlogHer last year. I hadn't heard anything so I thought maybe it wasn't going to happen. My friends Zippy and Sandy skyped me and said there has been an update! There has been an OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. I made the SIZZLE REEL along with my friend Bookie Boo.

Looks like they are still convincing traditional how fun this show would be and the reel is being reviewed as we speak. Mom bloggers have an interesting life and there is so much we can share with the world. Each of the moms will give a different spin as well. I can tell you there would be a mixture of both fun, interesting and emotional segments.

For me I'd love to show the side of a mom who works full time at a corporate job , taking care of her family (2 with a disability) and still managing to maintain her blog. Showing America how to save money while dancing with my Swiffer could only be a highlight lol. As a mom blogger we get to do some pretty amazing things. Meeting celebrities,going to the Oscars, raising awareness for charities,making a difference in our community and so much more. hey if people love the Duggers I say give us a chance.

I'd love your help convincing these “traditional media entities” that we mom bloggers have something say and we want to share it with America.

#1 Visit their Facebook page and tell them you wanna see Consumer Queen and why

#2 Visit Mom Blog magazine and leave a comment

#3. Comment on this post and let us know your thoughts.

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  1. Yay Melissa!! This sounds like a very promising idea, and I can already tell it will be entertaining! It sounds so relateable (if that is a word), I hope the traditional media entities see all of the potential, you will have viewers hooked!

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