6 Deck Tips for Autumn

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Autumn is still here for the time being. So, whether you’re thinking of using your decking best this autumn or even for future autumns, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will examine six deck tips for Autumn to maximize your decking during the Fall months. Let’s begin!

Deck Tips in Autumn

6 Deck Tips for Autumn

  1. Give It a Good Clean

Note: If you have composite decking, a power wash at the right setting will be sufficient without additional work (e.g. staining and sealing). Also, whatever type of decking you have, use an appropriate power wash in a suitable setting. Otherwise, you risk causing damage.

The most obvious way to improve your decking this autumn is by giving it a good clean. Once you know what is involved (e.g. making sure your decking is suited to any given cleaning method or product) and ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, it’s fine to undertake this work DIY.

Cleaning decking can mean washing, staining and sealing it. When taken properly, these steps can help maintain your decking and revitalise its appearance immediately. You should clean your decking twice a year. Also, be sure that any cleaning and maintenance work on your decking occurs in the wintertime.

2. Repair Any Damage

You may also want to address cracked or warped boards. Sometimes, maintenance/repair measures will suffice, but often enough, some boards need replacing. 

In the case of the latter, just make sure to opt for the right replacement pieces and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If in doubt, hire a professional.

Naturally, repairing or replacing damaged boards in your decking will remove unsightly aspects of your deck and, as with giving it a good clean, give it a new lease of life. This is one of our most important deck tips for Autumn.

3. Introduce The Right Lighting

Adding lighting can be another great way of improving your decking space this autumn. A wide range of safe and suitable outdoor lighting options are on the market, including solar-powered ones.

Types of lighting you may want to consider for adding to your decking area include low-voltage deck lights, deck light kits, external recessed lights, ground lights and square outdoor deck lights. 

Ultimately, choosing the right lights for your decking is important if you’d like to go with such an installation. Along with getting the right set-up from a practical and visual appeal point of view, the lights you choose and how and where they are installed must be safe. Again, if unsure, hire a professional.

4. Add Some Suitable Furniture

Furniture can add great value to your decking by making it better suited for gatherings with friends and family or for you and anyone else in your household to enjoy.

Most patio furniture should not be kept out for too long throughout the year. This is so that they can be protected from sunlight exposure damage and the elements in general (e.g. snow or stormy weather). 

Adding furniture in the autumn can help improve the look, feel and practicality of your decking. Of course, you may already have furniture installed to begin with. 

Whatever the case, to extend on the point raised above, it’s important that you put furniture away in a suitable storage spot at the right times (e.g. ahead of a forecasted snowstorm). Planning ahead like this and acting promptly can protect your furniture from damage or even destruction in extreme cases.

5. Replace Your Decking

More than likely, your decking is in need of some repairs at most. However, if it’s old and particularly worn down, it may be beyond economic repair. 

If you’ve concluded your decking is beyond saving, it’s time to get a new deck installed. On average, garden decking costs approximately $1,000 to $2,500 for a small garden, $1,500 to $5,000 if you have a mid-sized garden or somewhere in the region of $2,000 to $7,000 in the case of a large garden.

If you’re concerned about the cost, you may want to hold off and not use it for the time being (a seriously worn-down decking could be somewhat dangerous if some of the planks were to give way while you were standing or sitting atop the deck). 

With that said, another option is to see if there are any decking on finance options available in your area. Be sure to only opt for purchasing on finance if you’re confident you can comfortably cover the payback instalments over time.

6. Have Outdoor Heating Installed

Lastly, adding outdoor heating can make your decking space usable on a chilly autumn evening. Outdoor heating for a decking space may come in the form of outdoor heating, a fire pit or even some warm blankets. 

Whatever the case, be sure to find the right option(s) for you and ensure you turn off the outdoor heater or put out the fire pit if you opt for either of these choices. Again, safety first. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for more details.

Ultimately, keeping you, members of your household and guests cosy and warm on a brisk evening, outdoor heating can prove key to a nice evening in the autumn air!

In conclusion, preparing your deck for autumn is not only a practical step but also a way to ensure that you can continue to enjoy your outdoor space in the changing seasons. These six deck tips for Autumn will not only help extend the life of your deck but also make it a space you'll look forward to using during the colorful and cooler months of the year.

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