Homemade All Natural Dog Shampoo

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All Natural Dog Shampoo

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This project is for our furry loved one’s. This natural dog shampoo is to get your pet squeaky clean without all of the harsh chemicals. It’s quick and easy, literally anyone can make it!


  • A Dog friendly Essential Oil Water Jar (or you could use a squirt bottle)
  • Castile Soap
  • Your Favorite Essential Oil We like Lavender! (Do not use Tea Tree it can be toxic to dogs)

Fill the jar (or bottle) ¼ – ⅓ of the way with castile soap. Add 10 drops of Essential oil. You can use one kind, or a combination so long as they are pet friendly. Then just fill the jar with water. This is a very thin consistency, which is why a squirt bottle or foaming liquid soap dispenser might make application easier. But you can certainly poor it straight from the jar.

Homemade All Natural Dog Wash Pinterest

I went ahead and used a mason jar to store Homemade Dog Shampoo.  For one I do have lots of these around the house, and two, I prefer glass for long term storage of anything containing essential oils. Plastics can absorb chemicals and strong scents over time, but glass does not.  Of course I would recommend not storing in any reactive container such as metal.  Need a pack of just two jars? Find it here!

Castile soap can be found at Walmart or most drug stores.  A small bottle goes a long way, so no need to purchase it in a bulk size.  This Castile Soap from Walmart is under $4.00 and already scented with lavender.

Homemade All Natural Dog Wash finished (1 of 1)

Remember these are dog friendly, all natural ingredients which means the you won't have all the same consistency as something with all the chemicals in it.  Don't worry, that doesn't mean your furry friend isn't getting a good bath. Some essential oils can be toxic to your dog so please do your research!

If you are just using the Homemade Dog Shampoo for freshening up between visits to the groomer, you may not even need a very great quantity.  Be sure to start slow especially with small pets, in order not to over do it and then have too much to rinse out!

If you do have a pet with allergies or medical problems or have a very young puppy, be sure to get the OK on any essential oils with your vet prior to using! I love using my essential oils in soaps and bath products, since I know exactly what the ingredients are.

Boomer Pitstop (1 of 1)

I think this sweet face approves!  If you try the Homemade Dog Shampoo and love it, be sure to let me know on the blog or facebook.  I hope this helps provide an easy and economical way to keep those furry friends clean and happy.

If you are interested in seeing more DIYs and other homemade essential oil recipes, head over here!



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