How To Choose Flooring For Your Renovation

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If you’re renovating your home, then choosing the right flooring is important. Just like the walls, your flooring is a backdrop for the rest of your interior design. As well as having an impact on the look of your room, the floor you choose will change how practical each room is too. If you're looking for flooring and decor locations, check out this article for ideas first.

Kitchen Flooring -flooring and decor locations


If you have an open plan kitchen diner, then a different flooring type for each area can work. The two kinds of flooring visually define the spaces and can make the kitchen more practical and the dining area more social. Use a carpet in the dining area and tile in the kitchen. 

You need stain-resistant flooring that is easy to clean and is resistant to moisture, and these qualities should be top of your priority list when choosing a kitchen floor. You want something that won’t mark easily. 

bathroom flooring


Bathroom flooring needs to be able to withstand very high levels of moisture and deal with changes in temperature. It should be non-slip, for safety, and should be stain-resistant to make it easy to clean. 

You might like to have underfloor heating in the bathroom so check to see if the floor you want can be laid over this. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are popular choices for bathrooms, but there are plenty of other options that could work just as well, such as natural stone, rubber, vinyl tile, or even engineered wood flooring

New Flooring -flooring and decor locations

Living Room

Living room flooring doesn’t have the practical requirements of other rooms, so the choice of floor is based on your personal aesthetics. If you have an open plan living, dining, and kitchen space, it can work well to define the living area as a space for relaxing in by choosing softer flooring. You could do this by choosing carpet, or by laying a big rug over a timber floor. Wood flooring looks warm but is easier to clean than carpet. Carpet is the most popular choice for the living room, as it is soft and comfortable underfoot and works well for children playing on the floor.  Depending on your flooring and decor locations will play into what flooring available.

Entrance Hall

In the entrance hall of your home, you need a floor is that is durable and hardwearing to stand up through to the foot traffic. You want a floor that is easy to clean and that will do a good job of hiding dirt brought in on muddy shoes or pet paws. 

Natural fiber flooring is a good choice for the hallway or the stairs. Coir and seagrass look warmer than tile but also stand up well to being used in high traffic areas. 



Like your living room, you can choose pretty much any flooring you want in your bedroom. We’re all quite often barefoot in the bedroom, so a good choice would be something soft underfoot. A thick carpet with a layer of underlay will feel nice on your feet when you get up in the morning. Treat yourself to something that feels a little luxurious for the best start to your day. 

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