Apartment Decorating Ideas on a Budget

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Let’s face it, apartments aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a custom, beautifully designed space. However, your small apartment can look designer and reflect your personal style with just a few decorating techniques! Read below for apartment decorating ideas on a budget.

apartment bedroom decorating ideas on a budget

Help, I Need Apartment Decorating Ideas on a Budget!

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. The place that you go to relax, rest, and sleep. The room feel should reflect your attitude and likes, which is where decorating comes in. Some property owners will let you do some extreme decorating, such as fresh paint, and minor fixes. After all, allowing renters to improve the space is a great way to make the apartment more valuable as time goes on. The landlord or apartment company even pay for the supplies for you within reason. If there is a fundamental change that you plan to do, make sure you check in with the property managers before getting started! While small upgrades can make an apartment look more like your own space and be fine with the owner, larger projects may actually violate lease agreements– so be aware of all the policies for your specific apartment rental before you make any changes.

Aesthetic Bedroom Decor

When it comes to decorating the bedroom in your apartment there are several things that you can do. Remember that the overall look of the room should be unique to you, so do not let anyone talk you into doing something different. For example if you love warmth and color and a bohemian vibe, it’s not necessary to go with neutral shades and farmhouse décor– only because it’s popular. With that being said, let’s look at some decorating ideas that you can do when you are on a tight budget.

Paint Apartment Decorating Ideas on a Budget

One of the most substantial changes that you can make to your apartment bedroom is fresh paint.. Pick a color that you want and go for it. Keep in mind that the colors of your apartment bedroom can affect your mood. Warm colors, like red and yellow are said to create energy and happiness. Cool colors, such as purple and blue are calming and relaxing. You can head to a paint store or look online at a wall paint color palette to decide which colors you gravitate toward. Remember, overly bright colors or very dark colors may be exaggerated in a small space. A great idea is to start with light colors for the walls and then add in a strong secondary color as with an area rug or with a pop of color with furniture or decor.

apartment bedroom decorating ideas on a budget

If you combine the color themes into one gorgeous room you can get the positive benefits associated with the colors, while also having a unique room. You may want to even include an accent wall that is the one behind your television, or your display cases that show off your accomplishments. You are living in an apartment, though, so you may want to authorize the change through the property owner.

A few years ago we painted an accent “door” which was a fun and different idea. Using an old French door, we were able to have a dark contrasting blue against light gray walls. This was an easy upgrade that did not cost us a lot of money — and didn’t need any extra space to achieve.

Storage Ideas

One thing that is always a problem when you are talking about an apartment bedroom is the lack of storage space. This is something that can easily be fixed, though. If you have a trunk or have the ability to buy one, it can be put at the foot of your bed and can be used to store whatever you need to store. 

Thrift stores are great places to find storage options. Also look for store outlets and wholesale places. Who knows- you may use these same favorite stores when furnishing your next home as well! I’ve found some almost new storage ottomans at thrift stores, since people often change up their décor and get rid of them before they are worn out.

The living space of a apartment often needs to do double or triple duty. So its important to select storage that can work for multiple uses. For example, if you have an old dresser that you’ve painted, it can work for a tv stand as well as bedroom or living area storage.

Wall Art 

Apartment walls are often rather drab and when you move in, they may have been less than cared for. Be sure to fill in any holes and wall damage prior to painting. (With the apartment manager’s OK.) . Posters, pictures, mirrors, dreamcatchers, anything that you like can be hung from the wall. Some wall art also doubles as shelving or hooks for useful items, making use of vertical space! You can even use your imagination and build something from old stuff that you have taking up space. 

Do not forget to add a clock somewhere. Even though most of us use our mobile devices for telling time and setting alarms, wall clocks are a great center piece to a gallery wall, or a filler for an awkward corner or small section of wall between two doorways. They can also add a focal point on the wall if you have a space above a bed or piece of furniture.

If you need removable wall art, consider wall decals and a collection of uniform picture frames to create a wall collage.


Bedding may seem like an unnecessary expense at first, especially if you have a tiny apartment or you are on a tight budget. However, you can often find bedding sets marked way down as department stores change out merchandise with the seasons. Look for a neutral color that allows you to add colorful throw blankets, throw pillows, and a table lamp when needed. I can’t say we had a matching bedding set for a long time! Sometimes, sets can be added to while keeping up with your personal style.

Decorative Basket at Michaels


You can buy some premade shelving units if you have the space, but if you want to add some display areas above your dresser, or in a recess that needs to be filled, you can get some boards and brackets and install them. Make sure that if you have an idea of what you are going to display on the shelves you need to measure the items to make sure that you place the shelves far enough apart. 

One idea is to create a runner shelf that travels along the top part of the wall and place things like stuffed animals or sports memorabilia on it. You can even make it go all the way around your bedroom. While you may have to work around doors and windows, but it is simple to cut a board to the length that you need.


If you are the type that enjoys a good drink you may want to consider adding a bar to your bedroom. There are some nice ones that you can order, such as a bar cart, that you can get for a decent price. If not, you can always design and build your own out of any materials that you have around. 

The size of it will depend on how much alcohol you need to have available. Do not forget to have a spot to store some cups or shot glasses, that way when you want a drink it is all right there for you.

Portable Refrigerator

Along with the tip above, you may need to put a portable refrigerator in your apartment to keep all your drinks cold. This is a key item to have if you are in a studio apartment with a very small kitchen, or you happen to be sharing a college apartment as college students. Even if you do not drink alcohol, it is nice to have a way to keep a few things cold, without having to go out of the room. This is especially helpful if you live with roommates that take up time and space in the kitchen. 

If the style of small portable refrigerators do not appeal to you it is always possible to keep it covered with a blanket or curtain that matches the theme of your room, until you need to get into it. 


When you are first starting out you will probably not have the best-looking bedroom furniture. Since you are on a budget you may not be able to replace it all, so upcycle it instead. Sand the dresser down and throw a fresh coat of stain on it. Replace the handles to make them look older and more antique. Add a mirror on top of the dresser to make it usable as something besides storage. 

One of the easiest projects that you could tackle would be to add mirrors to your closet doors. They can be picked up cheaply at most retail outlet stores, and they can be tacked into place with the gummy glue that peels right off when you decide to remove them. The only limits to upcycling are the ones that you put on it.

New Bed Frame

Use a tape measure and get the bed frame dimensions. Go down to your local store and find a new type that fits into your specific style. Being on a budget may make your options a little less, but always think outside of the box. For example, a basic wooden bed frame can be customized with a coat of paint, some decals, and even some artwork done by a woodburning kit. 

If you, or someone you know, is handy with woodworking tools have some logs trimmed down and make your own wooden frame and headboard set. If you and your friends are more the welding types of people craft your own iron and metal bed set that reflects who you are.

Drapes and Blinds

Another best way to improve your apartment bedroom is to change the blinds, or drapes, to match the colors of your bed and bedroom set colors. They can be picked up inexpensively at any local retailer, or you can take advantage of an online shopping site that offers more options. 

This is another aspect of decorating that you may want to think about before you make some changes. If you are a night person and sleep during the day, you will want heavy curtains that block out the sun, you can always pull them back when you want a little light. The thicker ones will also help trap the heat in, or the cold, depending on how you like it.


If you like to sit in your bedroom just to relax you may want some soft bulbs that give off a faint color. If you like to lay in bed and read, you may want to get some high-power bulbs that prevent you from having to strain to see the words. 

You can also spring for some smart light bulbs or light switches. Smart bulbs can be adjusted for brightness, color, and power. The smart light switches can be designed with sensors that turn the lights on when you come into the room and turn them off when you leave. You can select day light bulbs which mimic natural light, or the ones that have yellow hues to mimic incandescent bulbs.

Adjust the lighting to what you need it for, but always have an option close by to change it up when needed.

Light fixtures are usually there to stay in an apartment, unless for some reason they are broken. In a rental space, consider lights that you can take with you like a standing floor lamp. String lights are very popular right now, and can be hung in almost any space!

Throw Rugs

Can’t make the decision on the type of flooring? That’s OK. You can easily change that without pulling it all out.. Find some throw rugs and place them in strategic places around the bedroom. 

If you have an issue with a cold floor you can place one alongside your bed. Be careful, though, because they can be a trip hazard in the middle of the night. An area rug can also help frame a dining area. This is a good option if you do not have a designated space for a dining table.


We all love to relax in bed and watch a good movie or series on a streaming channel. The size of the TV that you have will depend upon the room that you have, of course. It can always be placed on top of your dresser, so you do not have to have a stand that takes up more space. 

You can even mount it onto the wall as a centerpiece to the rest of your wall decorations. A TV can be an expensive investment if you do not already have one, but it is well worth it. 


Oxygen is something that we all need. Adding a few plants into your bedroom can make it more colorful and alive. They will also offer you some fresh air. It has been shown that a plant can help with moods, depression, and stale air. 

Once again you will have to judge how much room that you have and fill it with a plant. If you have a substantial amount of room, get a big plant designed to grow inside.

And, keep in mind you don’t need fresh flowers! One of our favorite apartment bedroom decorating ideas on a budget is to select some good quality artificial flowers. This can give a fresh feel to a bedroom or living room without spending a lot of money. Have a simple jar on the coffee table. You can arrange flowers each new season for an easy way to update your decor.

Wax Warmer

A good-smelling bedroom in your apartment will always lift your spirits. They are extremely cheap, and you can change the wax every couple of days.

Final Thoughts

apartment bedroom decorating ideas on a budget

There are so many things that you can do to decorate your bedroom in the apartment. Some things are extremely budget-friendly, while others may require that you save up some money for a few months. The bottom line is that you can decorate your bedroom in any way that you see fit. If you step back and look at things from a different perspective you will come up with great ideas that will show off your specific style and uniqueness.

There is one important thing that you need to keep in mind, though. You do not want to put so much furniture in your room that you cannot move around freely. You do not want to cover your walls with random pictures and posters that make your room look cluttered. When decorating your apartment bedroom, you want to make it look nice, but you do not want to overdo it. 

With all this in mind, you will want to sit down and make a list of things that you would like to do in your bedroom. Draw it on a sheet of paper, or picture it in your mind. Make sure that everything will look good together. Ensure you will have the space to do the decorating ideas that you have chosen. Don’t forget that colors matter, more than you may ever realize. Once you have a plan, get what you need, roll up your sleeves, and get to decorating. The best part of learning apartment bedroom decorating ideas on a budget is that you can take these tips with you and apply them to any limited space, even if you are moving into another home before long. We hope these Apartment Decorating Ideas on a Budget were helpful.

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