DIY: $2 Cake Stand

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How to make a cute cake stand for $2!!

It seemed like every time I brought a treat to an event I never had anything cute to put it on. I’m pretty thrifty with my money, so spending it on fancy dishes isn’t high on my list. That’s why when I came across this idea I LOVED it! And it only cost me $2!!

All you need is a candle stick and a plate. Both of mine were purchased at the dollar store. I decided to leave them clear but the possibilities are endless. You could paint the candle stick white and find a cute black and white polka-dot plate. Find pink or blue plates for baby showers. Make them holiday themed. Use different sized plates and candle sticks. For the price you could make a nice cake and give  the cake and the stand for a present.

As you can see this little project got me excited! Now you can have your cake and something cute to display it on too!


1. Peel off any stickers and make sure the plate and candle stick an clean so that’s you’ll get a good stick.

2. Apply glue to the top of the candle stick. I wouldn’t recommend a glue gun. To me it seems like you need something with a little stronger hold. It may work if you are using a plastic plate, but I have not personally tested it. I used E-6000 which is able to bond glass on glass.

3. Press the candle stick to the center of the underneath side of the plate. Try to get it centered as much as possible so it won’t be lop-sided.

4. This is the hard part…waiting. Let it sit for 24 hours to make sure that it’s fully dried and bonded.


Now go bake a cake or some goodies to put on that beautiful new cake stand that you made!!

Update: I've made a few more since this post! What can I say, I love them! I've glued vases to candlesticks to make a pretty decoration too! Here's another picture

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  1. So cute! And you could easily decoupage something to the underside of the plate before glueing the candlestick on! Pretty flowers, polka dots, your family’s name! Anything! Thanks for the idea! I could definitley see doing a Christmas-y one and giving it in a gift basket with some cake mix and stuff, too!

  2. Very clever. Great money maker to sell at flea markets; especially liked the hints of using different colored plates. Thanks

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