Movies & Film: The Star Wars Timeline

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Are you just getting into Star Wars and not sure what order to watch the movies? Not to mention the new shows on Disney + and the animated Star Wars shows. It can be confusing trying to figure out the Star Wars timeline. Let's see if we can help with that.

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How many Star Wars Movies are there?

I guess the 1st question should be “How many Star Wars movies are there?”. I mean if you are wanting to watch all the Star War movies you should know how much time it will take. There are 9 movies in the Skywalker Saga. Then you have the 2 spin-off movies, SOLO and Rogue One. If you want to skip SOLO and Rogue One you won't miss any of the main story. Those 2 movies focus on other characters and provide some backstory to the main saga.

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Order for chronological watching:

This is the Stars Wars timeline for all the movies that have been released (2021). Watching the Skywalker Saga in this order will take chronologically from start to finish. Of course this doesn't include any of the animated stuff. But that's another post for another day!

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How long to watch them all?

Well if you want to watch all the Star Wars movies in the Star Wars timeline, you need to block out about 25 hours. الروليت العربي So get your blankets out and pop up some popcorn. casino888 You have some movie watching to get caught up on!


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