9 Ideas for Engaging Homework Online

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Some people choose to teach without requiring any homework, while others prefer to utilize
Thomson and Martinet's method. Perhaps the key to success is changing our attitude toward
homework rather than eliminating it? What about tailoring homework to the needs and interests
of our pupils? Here are some ideas for homework online that will actually engage your students:

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Use technology
Take advantage of the fact that most students have access to technology and use it to engage
them in their homework. You can have them research using online resources, create
presentations, use graphic design programs, etc. The possibilities are endless and students will be
more likely to actually do the homework if they're using tools that they're interested in. Actually,
you can go even further. For example, on the Storyboard That website, you can find a game
maker online that offers you endless possibilities of board game templates. This will definitely
attract your students' attention and make homework fun.

Use social media

Social media can be used for educational purposes as well. You can create a class Twitter
account and have students tweet about what they're learning in class. This way they can practice
writing concisely and also share their work with people outside of school. They will also be more
attentive to what is happening in class as well as to homework.

Set up an online discussion forum
This is a great way to encourage students to think critically and interact with each other. It also
allows you to gauge their understanding of the material and give them feedback in real-time. You
can use an existing platform like Google Groups or set up your own forum using software like

Create a class wiki
A wiki is a great way to encourage collaboration and allow students to share their knowledge
with each other. It's also a great way to build an online resource that can be used by everyone in
the class. You can use an existing platform like MediaWiki or create your own using software
like DokuWiki. Encourage your older students to help you with creating new pages and making
necessary adjustments.

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Give students choice
Let students choose what they want to do for their homework. This can be anything from writing
a paper to creating a presentation or even making a video. This will allow them to use their
strengths and interests to complete the task and also make it more engaging for them. You can
also create groups that will work on one project and everyone will be able to use their skills

Create a class blog or website
Let students share their work with a larger audience by setting up a class blog or website. This
can be a great motivator for students to produce their best work. There are numerous resources
available online that can help you create something unique that will serve your needs best. Of
course, it will take some time, but the result is definitely worth it and you'll be able to use this
platform for several years. This can make homework online more engaging.

Make it relevant
Make sure that the homework you're assigning is actually relevant to what your students are
learning in class. This can be anything from having them research a topic that you're going to be
discussing in class to having them practice a skill that they need to master. If students see that the
homework is actually useful, they will be more likely to do it and they'll also retain the
information better.

Give feedback
Make sure to give feedback on homework so that students know what they need to work on. This
can be done in a number of ways, such as writing comments on their papers or having a
discussion in class about the homework. If you give feedback that is specific and positive,
students will be more likely to actually use it to improve their work.

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Make it fun
Homework doesn't have to be boring. There are a number of ways to make it more fun, such as
making it into a game or competition. You can also allow students to work on it in groups so that
they can help each other out and come up with creative solutions. If homework online is actually fun,
students will be more likely to do it and they'll also retain the information better.

So, there you have it! Nine ideas for engaging homework online. We hope this helps get your creative juices flowing and provides some new ways to keep your students excited about learning. Do you have any favorite tools or methods that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below – we would love to hear from you!

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