5 Best Dining Room Themes In 2023

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When it comes to home design, dining rooms can be tricky. No, scratch that – dining rooms can be very tricky. Especially when it comes to giving them character.  Let's look at some of the best dining room themes in 2023.

best dining room theme

That’s mostly due to the fact that they are so traditional and minimalist by nature. All you have is a table and chairs in the centre of the room. That’s it. See what we mean?

There’s not much room for imagination as there would be for a lounge, a bedroom or a kitchen. It is fundamentally a practical space, and that can make it difficult to let your imagination fly.

But having said that, the most adept home designers do find ways to instil a theme into the dining room to make it a space that works in the context of the wider household. In 2023, especially, there seems to be a clear focus on the dining room and making it a space you would really want to be in. 

With this in mind, then, what are the five biggest trends that are taking over the interior design world, and how can you bring them to life in your own dining room:

Letting In The Outdoors

One of the most frequent themes that seem to be popping up this year is nature. Bringing the outdoors into the indoors has been a home décor trend for a while now, but for some reason, it really seems to work in the dining room. This is mostly due to the fact that dining rooms – in all their simplicity – can feel quite stark and stuffy. Bringing in plant life and foliage can give it a way to breathe and feel far more inviting.

Bold, Bold, Bold!

One of the new themes that have been influencing households across the country is, quite simply, go bold! Now this doesn’t mean painting your entire dining room in a stark red, of course. You can be more subtle than that. But where there is colour, make it big and unmissable. Find dining room sets that stick to a single, stark hue and then couple that with bright, quirky cutlery. Sophisticated touches like this can go a long way to creating a personality in your dining space.

Dining Diagonally

Eh? What? Yes, you heard us right. A new theme that is making a bit of an impact is known as “diagonal dining”. This is where homeowners recognise their narrow dining space and pivot their table diagonally to compensate for it. By learning how to angle your dining table, you can free up your floor space and make the room far more practical to move around. It also adds a bit of an edge to the room itself. It’s different, quirky, and unique, and buzzwords like that always work in the dining room.

Go Big Or Go Home 

If you look around on the internet, you’ll find a number of home designers who are really going all in with their dining room plans. This includes knocking down any walls that make it a narrow, compact or stuffy space to begin with. Open-floor dining rooms always create an impact and look stunning. Of course, this will cost money, so only do it if it’s something that really appeals to you.

This Is A You Space

Lastly, one theme that has been doing the rounds is making home designers create a room that is completely and utterly them. What we mean by this is that dining rooms – through being traditional and simple – can feel unpersonable. This is the problem that many homeowners have. Look, then, at your lounge, your bedroom, your kitchen; see how you’ve instilled your personality into those rooms and then elevate that by 70% in your dining room. Finding a way to add your own personality into this room will do wonders in making it beautiful, unique and – most importantly – a room that you want to sit and dine in!

What is your favorite best dining room theme? Do you have one not listed? let us know your favorites in the comments.

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