5 Inspirational Movies on Netflix That Every Student Must Watch

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People use the term Netflix and Chill for good times because it’s just one of the best ways to spend your downtime. The movies on Netflix are a mixture of everything – from being a little traumatic to overwhelming and finally motivational. Those based on real-life stories can sometimes hit you harder than you had hoped, but in the end, they push us to either do something about ourselves or society. Looking for Netflix good movies? We've got a great list.

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Students have loads on their mind with assignments and studies. This lot needs this downtime almost as much as anyone who works a 9-5 job, but first school work has to be taken care of before the fun. That’s how Writix comes into play with online help from experts. You get to buy some research material for your course for a little fee, and in return, you can sit down and unwind with inspirational movies.

As a student, you are spoilt for choice on Netflix. You have college life movies – though some may be peppered with too much fiction, films that show injustices meted upon people that are different – and these fuel your fire if you are a crusader for justice.

Stand and Deliver

It’s the 80s, and the world is still segregated. Jaime Escalante teaches a school predominantly made up of Latinos from poor backgrounds. They have little access to anything that would give them the

same opportunities as their white counterparts, and so they are deemed less intelligent. Escalante sees potential in them, and with his motivation, they also start seeing it. He is determined to make the best out of them so they can leave high school into college, which most of them thought was a pipe dream. This film shows how the mind can be manipulated both positively and negatively and should show the less privileged that they too are capable with the right motivation and opportunities.  

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The Great Gatsby

You want to watch this, if not for anything else, to bring to life the characters you read in your literature class in school. Nick Carraway is a veteran enchanted by Gatsby, a successful but elusive businessman. He takes up writing as advised by his shrink but abandons it at some point and moves close to where Gatsby has his mansion. Things unravel, and he is finally one of the invitees to the lavish parties held regularly by Gatsby. As the book shows, this movie is full of twists and turns and the numerous Buchanan quotes that are still relevant today. Watch it for fun and a deeper understanding of the book itself. Definitely part of the Netflix good movies list.

Pay It Forward

It would be inappropriate to mention the best movies for students without this particular one. We have been taught as kids to lend a hand where we can even if life dealt us a bad one, and this film is a good show of it. A young student, Trevor is sent out on a mission by his teacher to repay every good deed with three. The education here is to ensure that each of his acts is different from what was done for him. These deeds fundamentally alter, not just Trevor’s life, but those that he touches. We could all borrow a leaf from this one, couldn’t we?

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The Truman Show

Thought-provoking is what comes to mind when this movie is mentioned. Jim Carey, an insurance salesman, carries on with his life normally only to realize later that he has been living a reality show this whole time! The satire in this movie and Carey’s extraordinary acting skills won this film a Golden Globe Award, and two decades later, it still comes up in conversations. A snippet: the setting is such that the main character – Truman – is enclosed in a space where he cannot really leave. Actors and cameras surround him, and the director of the show removes any incentives for Truman to leave his small town by instilling phobias. The concept is mind-blowing and brilliantly executed.  

Seven Pounds

Will Smith is the king of comedy in movies, but in this classic, he brings out a side of his we are not always used to – the inspirational stranger. While his life is not perfect, he uses lessons in the past and present on his mission to change the lives of seven strangers. He intends to do this even with the dark secrets threatening to bring his life as he knows it to an end. While doing good, he transforms too in ways more than one and even falls in love with one of the people he is transforming. This film is one of those that makes you unintentionally emotionally invested in strangers, which explains why it will always be a favorite of many.  

Sit Back and Be Motivated

You deserve to take a break from writing academic papers and assignments to enjoy a few moments of bliss. You will be entertained, informed, and challenged by the list we have put up. Of course, this is only a small portion of the offerings available on Netflix. We home love our Netflix good movies list for students.

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