Gravita, The Levitating Lamp Merges Trendy and Tranquil in Your Modern Home

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Everyone is rushing to make their homes as “smart” and techy as possible. But do you really want Facebook and Google connected to everything from your garage door to your toaster? It might make life easier, but being constantly connected can also make you stressed.

To counter the age of information overload, a new trend of “techquility” products are starting to appear. Techquilty (technology + tranquility) gadgets feature the same trendy tech and convenience while adding an element of stress relief sorely needed in 2020-ravaged homes.

Our favorite techquility product is Gravita, a levitating lamp that uses color temperature theory to relieve stress and soothe nerves. Gravita also features a built-in Bluetooth speaker and a wireless charging dock for your phone or tablet. It’s versatile, it’s minimal, and it looks fantastic at home or the office. 

Gravita is currently accepting pre-orders on Kickstarter for 50% off the retail price. 

We’re going to give you a sneak peek at this real levitating lamp right now.  


Gravita’s levitation is not a gimmick. It is part of its minimalist design. Created by engineers and home decorators, Gravita’s design is a deconstructed version of the classic desk lamp or reading lamp.

A slender metal neck extends from the dark wooden base, eliminating bulk and accentuating clean curves. At the head of the lamp, there is no lampshade or wirey extensions—just an Edison bulb floating in mid-air.

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The deconstructed look and dark metallic materials fit perfectly in home décor styles like modern, contemporary, Scandinavian, and industrial. And because the bulb has a warm glow reminiscent of candlelight, it also adds a soothing ambiance to rooms decorated in the natural, rustic, or Mediterranean style. 


One of the most important ways to reduce stress at home is to cut down on clutter. Gravita’s versatile 3-in-1 design helps you to clear wires and gadgets off your desk, mantle, or bedside table. 

As we mentioned, Gravita’s minimalist design is compact, allowing for better use of your space. 

It also contains a wireless charging dock. When you rest your phone on top of the wooden base, it will begin to charge automatically with no wires needed. Or, you can plug your devices into Gravita’s USB-C or USB-A ports on the back of the base.

It has the ability to charge up to 3 devices simultaneously, so it’s perfect for desks. It also eliminates the need for tangled wires and chargers, keeping your space organized and optimized. 

Gravita -A person sitting at a table using a computer

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With Gravita’s built-in Bluetooth speaker, you can pair your phone or TV directly to the lamp for dynamic audio. Or you can use it to project calls using a speakerphone. The Hi-Fi speaker produces crisp, clean audio and gets loud enough to fill a large living room.

With Gravita on your desk or table, you can take away the wires, the chargers, the speakers, and the bulky lamp. When your space is clear, your mind will be too!


Gravita was designed with color temperature theory to relax you with its soft glow. 

Color temperature theory states that certain lighting colors and tones can affect our moods and even make us feel warmer or cooler. Think about the lighting in a cubicle-filled office or a doctor’s waiting room compared to the warmth of a sunset, and you’ll get the idea.

Gravita -Two people standing in a kitchen

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The engineers at Gravita designed the bulb to emit a color temperature of 1700K, the ideal temperature to melt stress and promote mental clarity.

This means that if you’re ready to unwind, it can help you transition to a relaxed and sleepy state. But if you’re ready to work, it can clear your mind and improve focus.  


Gravita is modern décor built with the latest eco-friendly technologies. You’ll be able to use it for at least 20 years of light PER BULB and consume 80% less electricity than normal lamps with the same light output. 

Gravita’s bulbs are LED lights, meaning they last 50x longer than normal bulbs and consume much less energy. At about $25 a bulb, they might not seem cheap. But for a 20-year lifespan, you’re paying less than $1 a year for reliable and affordable lighting. And, you’ll prevent dozens of bulbs from going to the landfill. Gravita includes one bulb, so your lamp comes standard with 20 years of lighting.

The bulb is reinforced to protect against damage and is about 10x stronger than normal bulbs. It’s shatter-proof and damage resistant, so it can easily survive accidents and minor falls. 

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If the power goes out, the levitating bulb will not fall and break. A failsafe magnet will instantly pull it up to the lamp neck.  

And finally, Gravita’s levitating power will never fade as long as you can connect to a power source. The levitation is powered by electromagnets that will never lose their force. 


How many times in your life have you witnessed real levitation? It’s something that you never forget. 

Whether you keep Gravita in the office or at home, it is guaranteed to make an impression on everyone who sees it. It’s an excellent conversation piece when neighbors stop by, and it guarantees you’ll stay top-of-mind with management at work.

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Gravita combines real levitation technology with wireless electricity, both of which are trends at the forefront of modern technology and design. If you’re a trendsetter or appreciate progressive thinking, then Gravita will make a statement in your home. 

Make Your Life A Little Lighter 

Things have been feeling heavy in homes across the country (thanks a lot, 2020). Instead of adding clutter, wires, and even more Amazon Alexas, why not make things a little lighter with Gravita?

Reduce clutter, clear your mind, and relax. Gravita’s warm glow was engineered to bring tranquility to your space. 

To get your Gravita for 50% off, place your pre-order now. Gravita has been fully funded and will ship before the holidays, so it’s a good opportunity to stock up on gifts, too!

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