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Essential Oils for Dogs – How to Use Them

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When your pet experiences minor health conditions, you often go for over-the-counter medicines. This post about essential oils for dogs can hopefully provide information on some of the benefits of essential oils, for another remedy option.

Let's discover what wonders essential oils can do in your pet's life.

essential oils for dogs

Remember that when compared to dogs, cats are more likely to experience the adverse reactions of the essential oils. So, the list of the essential oils below is in reference to dogs only. Even then, exercise caution when trying anything new such as a supplement, essential oil, or even new food for your pet. If you're unsure if it's safe or healthy- check with your vet! Check out more posts for dog owners.

Essential Oils -Remedy for Depressive Symptom

Stress, anxiety, insomnia, lack of energy, and unexpected mood swings are some of the major indicators that your pet is suffering from depression. However, essential oils are known for being a remedy for some of these symptoms.

Bergamot essential oil, for example, may help balance a dog's emotions by soothing frustration, panic, and snappiness. Another one is Lemon essential oil – just a few drops around your dog are enough to uplift their mood and add a boost of energy to hang out with you all day long. Lavender essential oil, the most popular of the calming oils, can help symptoms such as shyness, agitation, and stress. Lavender oil is also believed to help improve the quality and duration of the pet's sleep by soothing feelings of stress and anxiety. Keep in mind all results vary, and this may not be true if used for your own pet.

Next comes Ylang Ylang essential oil which has a sedative action. Ylang Ylang can also help soothe nervousness and insecurity caused by new visitors, visits to the vet, and new experiences. Last but not least is Frankincense essential oil. This oil is well known for its ability to calm the state of mind while slowing down breathing during times of stress and fear.

lemongrass oil

Essential Oils for Pests and Bugs

Every now and then, your bugs are more prevalent and they can become an issue for your pet. But just a few drops of natural oils can help. Regular use of Lemongrass essential oil is perhaps the best way to keep pests off your dog's fur since pests like ticks and fleas really hate the scent of lemongrass herb. The active components in the oil, Citral and Geraniol, are natural bug repellents.

Next, Cedarwood essential oil is popular for both killing and repelling ticks and fleas. When diffused Cedarwood essential oil emits its anti-parasitic molecules and thus helps kill and repel any ticks or fleas present in the surroundings.

Rosemary essential oil is another powerful flea repellent on the list and it also helps heal flea bites. The word of caution for Rosemary oil is to use it in low quantity and notice any itching or redness on the dog's skin. In the case of any unwanted results, immediately wash the irritated area and try another essential oil on the list. Also, with other essential oils, your dog can experience adverse reactions if the oil is not pure. Hence, must go for a brand that offers up pure essential oils at wholesale prices to ensure you're using the pure item whilst saving your money!

Final Thoughts

Two of the major yet common issues in your beloved dogs can be resolved quite naturally and effectively just with the help of all-natural essential oils. The key to the desired results is to be wise in terms of how you choose and use the essential oils. Hopefully this can help offer you some tips and ideas on utilizing essential oils for your dog, and also calm some of those symptoms which can be irritating to your furry friend.

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