Reducing Your Healthcare Expenses through Healthy Weight Loss

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Nowadays, there is a lot of talk surrounding weight. With an obesity epidemic raging across the US, over 1 in 3 adults are currently facing this diagnosis. This is on top of the 2 in 3 overweight adults who are considered pre-obese. Carrying excessive weight chronically is known to cause serious health issues like cancers, strokes, diabetes, and limited mobility. Because of these, the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health estimates that the average healthcare expenses of an obese and overweight individual can be up to $17,000 more than somebody of “normal” weight. Today we will be talking about reducing your healthcare expenses through healthy weight Loss.

Reducing Your Healthcare Expenses through Healthy Weight Loss

Reducing Your Healthcare Expenses through Healthy Weight Loss

While things like insurance and local health programs can help cut down this amount, research proves the best way to reduce these expenses is to get to the root issue and lose weight. According to studies, weight-related health savings are proportional to the excess pounds a person loses. After all, the more weight is lost, the fewer complications they’re susceptible to. Depending on the baseline BMI and weight, a person can save up to $700 annually. If you want to know how to reduce your healthcare expenses via healthy weight loss, here are a few similarly budget-friendly tips:

Workout with a Group

Sustainable weight loss requires regular exercise, which burns fat and helps regulate the metabolism. This is why health agencies, like the CDC, suggest at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. However, working out regularly can be tricky for some people, whether it’s because they don’t know how to start or they don’t have the means to. This is where working out in a group comes in handy. Primarily, being with other like-minded people is a great motivation for weight loss. Through this community, you can feel encouraged and accountable, which is why studies find that people who pursue weight loss with others are more successful than those who go it alone. What’s more, your group can offer invaluable advice to make weight loss easier. Being in a group can also help with savings as you can split costs for things like equipment or facility rentals. In some gyms, there are even group deals you can take advantage of.  

Try Meal-prepping

Many people think that good, healthy food is expensive and time-consuming. As a result, a lot of people turn to unhealthy fast food or overly priced pre-made meals. Unfortunately, doing this for long will either hurt your wallet or your diet. Instead, try meal-prepping. By doing so, you can better control what you eat, the portions you consume, and the money you spend per meal. Since this does require some extra effort, you can make this easier with some meal-prep hacks. This includes using appliances like slow cookers, slicing ingredients ahead of time, and cooking in bulk. Through these, your meal prep time can be more streamlined and efficient. If you need extra help, you can even turn this into a bonding activity with family and friends so everyone can meal prep their own food together. 

Pamper Yourself

Weight loss is hard work, but a healthy approach values rest and a positive mindset, too. Otherwise, it’s easy to fall off the wagon due to the mounting pressure from yourself and society. In worst-case scenarios, you may find that you not only drop off your diet but end up gaining more weight, which can lead to more pricey healthcare problems. As such, make time for rest and relaxation in your day. This doesn’t need to take much time or money, so long as it’s a set period where you focus on yourself. Even just a few extra minutes of meditation or sleep can do wonders in calming your mind. If you need a more involved way of unwinding, try aromatherapy or skincare. These act as a mini reward that can uplift your mood so you can carry on with your weight loss journey. 

Reducing your healthcare expenses through healthy weight Loss can be easier than you think with these tips.

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