How to Keep Long Hair Healthy

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See these tips on how to keep long hair healthy and easier to maintain for longer.

It can be difficult and time consuming to grow your hair to longer lengths. A common issue with achieving long hair is how to keep long hair healthy, to avoid those broken ends and problems with the hair shaft itself. There are ways to promote healthy hair growth and avoid the temptation to cut your hair to solve issues! See these specific ideas for hair health below.

How to Keep Long Hair Healthy 

It's a common thought that shiny hair and glowing skin are genetic. However, many underestimate the importance of nutrition. A healthy diet rich in essential nutrients can promote your hair health. For those with issues of hair loss or hair falling out, it's important to understand how outside factors can diminish your hair health over time.

There are many factors that can lead to hair loss and poor hair health. Some of these are:

  • UV radiation- spending excessive hours outside
  • improper hair care
  • frequent perm and coloring;
  • blow dryer and heat tools, especially on wet hair
  • chlorinated pool water, hot tubs and over-washing

Hair, skin and nails are made of proteins called elastin, collagen and keratin. They provide strength and elasticity to hair, nails and skin and prevent wrinkles. Biotin (as well as keratin and collagen) is a nutrient. We get this vitamin from food, and it plays an important role in metabolism. Biotin can be found in shampoos, masks and serums.

This vitamin improves the condition of your hair and scalp and helps your hair grow faster and stronger. While your hair can absorb some of the nutrients from good quality hair products, it's important to look after your overall wellness to keep your hair at its healthiest. However, you need to approach this issue in a comprehensive manner. Pay attention not only to your hair cosmetics, but also to your diet and the supplements you’re taking.

The combination of salon treatments and home remedies is a good start to promoting your hair's health. Stay consistent, and get the right foods and plenty of water. And, keep an eye on your fingernail health. It's a good indicator of how your hair is doing over time. Nails and hair will be healthier if you are overall!

Shampoo: the most important hair care product

Shampoo is a basic hair product intended for removing sebum and the rest of hair styling products. The price of this product is determined by the cost of raw materials. Ordinary shampoos only mask the problem, as they don’t contain any beneficial or moisturizing ingredients. If you use them, your hair may become stiff, unruly, dull, tangled and difficult to manage. However, specific shampoos with collagen and keratin can help remedy the hair problem, because these products usually contain moisturizing and regenerating ingredients, aimed at the solution of specific problem.

Another thing is to keep an eye out for skin issues. Flaking, dryness or oily scalp can all affect how often you need to wash your hair, and thus cause issues for longer hair over time.

Biotin and collagen shampoo can improve the quality of your hair, keeping the hair shaft from breaking and bending. Those minor imperfections can lead to a look of dry hair. Biotin and collagen shampoo may also increase your hair density and adds volume to your roots. Using quality products like shampoos and heat protectant are effective ways of protecting your hair from environmental factors.

This concentrated shampoo works only if you use it regularly on wet hair. It is also important to choose the right products based on your hair type and problems. The best solution is to use the whole line of products with biotin and collagen. 

Try a Hair spa

A typical hair spa involves:

  • shampooing
  • head massage
  • hair masks
  • scalp peeling
  • applying a natural hair balm.

The result of this treatment is usually a strong, shiny and healthy hair. The scalp massage is a relaxing way to pamper yourself. You can also have a blow-out for special occasions at hair spa locations. Hair spas are trending now as customers prefer more specialized spa treatments.

Benefits of complex hair care

Complex hair care allows to strengthen hair roots, prevent split ends and stop hair loss. Using such an integrated approach, you can solve several problems at once:

  • nourish your hair
  • improve your blood circulation
  • stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair follicles
  • achieve very fast results.

You can also try a few hacks to help handle your hair more carefully. For example, use cold water to rinse after washes. Instead of using smaller styling combs on wet hair, try a wide-tooth comb. Avoid longer hot showers, and if they are a must– keep your hair out of the way by using an old fashioned shower cap. For drying, using an old t-shirt is a common hack you will see across the internet to keep your hair from “fraying” or getting super frizzy as it dries. Terry cloth towels can actually be pretty hard on your hair!

How to improve your hair texture

The best solution is to see a professional stylist who will help you choose the right products and beauty treatments based on your hair type and degree of damage.

However, you can also take care of your hair at home. Hair needs gentle cleansing and moisturizing. Choose the shampoos with pistachio, argan, jojoba and macadamia oils and shea butter if you want to improve your hair quality and growth. If you combine them with chamomile, lemon, sage, violet and seaweed extracts, your hair will become shiny, soft, elastic and easy to manage.

A good hair routine for healthier hair also includes using leave-in conditioners now and then, and you can also look into using a moisturizing product such as a hair masque infrequently. Brush your try hair carefully to assist your hair's natural oils to work on the hair shafts. When blow drying, using curling irons or using a straightener or hair dryer in general, always use a heat protectant spray prior!

Another great tip is sleeping with a silk pillowcase or satin pillowcase. These can help reduce frizz and avoid hair breakage that can occur overnight.

I hope you can use these on how to keep long hair healthy! With proper scalp care and taking the proper steps to protect your long hair from hair damage, it can look great and you can avoid those haircuts just due to fixing hair damage!

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