Oklahoma City Schools Offer Free Grab and Go Meals

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DYK you can get Free Grab and Go Meals through the OKC Public Schools? Spread the word while schools are closed! Must be eligible.

Oklahoma City Schools Offer Free Grab and Go Meals

Free Grab and Go Meals -OKCPS Meal Plan List:

Head over here to OKC Public Schools Page for full details. We've included their list to help share information. Check back often at their page for changes and details going forward, since this post is just to get the word out and share information only!

Dates: Monday, March 23  through Friday, April 3, 2020 (these dates will be extended as needed)Meals will be served Monday – Friday only

Meals Available: “Grab & Go” options for breakfast and lunch will be available for individuals 0 to 18 years old
(both meals can be picked up at the same time)

Cost: Meals will be provided at no cost to any student under the USDA Waiver COVID-19 Child Nutrition Response Act 

Location List:

Green Pastures Building (formerly Green Pastures Elementary School), 4300 N Post Rd, Spencer, OK 73084

*New Raindance Apartments, 2201 NW 122nd St, 73120 9:30 am to 12:30 pm 

All OKCPS Elementary School Locations (33)

*New Douglass High School, 900 N Martin Luther King Blvd, 73117 9:00 am to 10:30 am

Youngs Park, 4610 S. Youngs, 73119

McCracken Park, 425 SE 64th St, 73149

Reed Park (Splash Pad), 1217 N. May Ave, 73107

Woodson Park Playground, 3403 S. May Ave, 73119

Wiley Post Park, 2021 S. Robinson Ave, 73109

McKinley Park, 1398 NW 13th St, 73106

Western Village Stanley Hupfeld Charter School, 1508 NW 106th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73114

*New Minnis Lakeview Park, 12520 NE 35th St, 73084 Meal Pick-Up: All meal pick-up will occur outside of the school or at regional locations via a District vehicle. Look for OKCPS signage. No students or families are allowed in the building and proper social distancing of six (6) feet must be maintained at all times.  Walk-Up Service: Students who walk to a feeding site will be directed to a meal Walk-Up line where they will have the option to pick up both breakfast and/or lunch. No adults should be in the student line. Students must maintain social distancing while in line. Drive-Thru Service: Families who wish to use the Drive-Thru line will be directed upon arriving towards the meal service location. Food will be brought to your vehicle by an SNS staff member. All occupants must remain in their vehicle while in line. Upon arrival, the driver should indicate the following: 

Number of students in the vehicle

Whether they want to pick-up breakfast, lunch or both

Selection of the menu item for each meal

Inclement Weather See Closure Feeding Plan Page here


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