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Tide Pod Turkey Craft

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Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family, express gratitude, and get creative with fun crafts. If you're looking for an exciting project to do with your loved ones this holiday season, why not try making a Tide Pod Turkey Craft? This unique and eco-friendly DIY project combines recycling and creativity, transforming empty Tide Pod containers into adorable and festive turkey decorations. Let's dive into the step-by-step guide on how to create this charming craft that'll add a touch of Thanksgiving spirit to your home.

Tide Pod Turkey Craft

Free Tide Pod Turkey Craft Printable and Inspiration

If you have an old Tide Pods container– who doesn't??– then this DIY Tide Pod Turkey Craft is a must make. This would be fun for the kids to help with.

You can make this by just printing out the Turkey's face on regular paper–we have the PDF link below! If you have some printable sticky backed vinyl paper handy, definitely use that. It can run about $10-$15 for one pack, so honestly I would not buy it just for one project. The pack of sticky backed paper is a good investment if you print out a lot of stickers, are a teacher, or may possibly have other projects coming up that can use it. Otherwise, you can glue the turkey face onto the tide pods container with a good quality glue stick or hot glue.

Tide Pod Turkey Craft Printable

Print your turkey face HERE. You do not have to sign up for anything to print. A PDF should pop up and you can choose how many copies to print. Be sure to change your printer settings to full color!

How do you get tide Pod stickers off containers?

Removing Tide Pod stickers or labels from containers can sometimes be a bit tricky, but with the right approach, you can do it effectively without damaging the container's surface. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get Tide Pod stickers off containers:

Materials Needed:

  • Hairdryer or heat gun
  • Rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover (acetone-free)
  • Paper towels or soft cloth
  • Dish soap and water
  • Goo Gone or similar adhesive remover (optional)
  • Plastic scraper or credit card (optional)

Step 1: Use Heat to Loosen the Sticker Start by using a hairdryer or heat gun on low to medium heat setting. Hold it a few inches away from the sticker and gently heat the sticker for about 30-60 seconds. The heat will soften the adhesive underneath the sticker, making it easier to peel off.

Step 2: Peel Off the Sticker Carefully try to peel off the sticker from one corner. Use your fingernail or a plastic scraper to gently lift the edge of the sticker. If the sticker doesn't come off easily, repeat step 1 to further loosen the adhesive.

Step 3: Remove Residue with Rubbing Alcohol or Nail Polish Remover After removing the sticker, there might be some sticky residue left on the container. Dampen a paper towel or soft cloth with rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover (acetone-free) and gently rub the residue. The alcohol or nail polish remover will help dissolve the adhesive. Be cautious when using these products on painted or sensitive surfaces, as they may cause damage.

Step 4: Clean the Container Once the residue is gone, wash the container with warm soapy water using dish soap. This will remove any remaining adhesive remover and ensure the container is clean and safe to use.

Step 5: Optional: Use Goo Gone or Adhesive Remover (If Necessary) If there's still stubborn residue left, you can try using a commercial adhesive remover like Goo Gone. Apply a small amount to a paper towel and gently rub the residue. Follow the product's instructions and make sure to test it on a small inconspicuous area first to ensure it won't damage the container.

Step 6: Rinse and Dry Thoroughly rinse the container with water to remove any remaining residue or adhesive remover. Dry it with a clean cloth or let it air dry.

Note: Always test any cleaning agent or adhesive remover on a small, hidden area of the container first to ensure it doesn't cause damage or discoloration.

With these steps, you should be able to effectively remove Tide Pod stickers or labels from containers, leaving you with a clean and ready-to-use surface for your Tide Pod turkey craft.

Putting together your Tide Pod Turkey Craft!

After you have your turkey's face, ensure the Tide Pods container is clean inside and out, and no laundry detergent residue remains. You might also have a conversation with the kids that normally, laundry detergent is off limits! This one can only be used because it's an empty container. 😉

Next, you will cut out your turkey's feathers. We did a super simple, abstract block design for this turkey's tail feathers. If your child is more artistic, they will probably want realistic looking feathers. Be sure to use cardstock so the tailfeathers will stand up behind the turkey. Construction paper may not.

You can free hand draw several feather shapes on the cardstock and cut them into feather shapes for Tide Pod turkey. That's totally up to you! And feel free to add as many feathers as you wish! Five large feathers is probably the minimum I would use here.

Tide Pod Turkey Craft

You can attach the feathers to the back of the turkey with hot glue, a heavy duty tape, or any reusable tack and stick you have on hand. Regular school glue will likely not work, since the cardstock is fairly heavy– and you're attaching them to hard plastic.

Feel free to add any embellishments to your Tide pod turkey you choose! Hobby Lobby sells a lot of fun pom poms, stickers, ribbons or decorative sequins that can make each turkey special. Remember, if you choose to use a hot glue gun, adults need to supervise/do the glue for kids.

Making a Tide Pod Turkey Craft is not only a fun and imaginative activity but also an excellent way to promote recycling and upcycling. By reusing empty Tide Pod containers and turning them into cute turkey decorations, you can showcase your creativity while also doing your part for the environment. This DIY project is perfect for family gatherings, school activities, or simply as a lovely centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. So, gather your supplies, unleash your creativity, and have a fantastic time crafting your very own Tide Pod Turkey! Happy Thanksgiving!

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