5 Reasons Why Your Neutral Palette Wardrobe Needs Shungite Jewelry Today!

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We love colors! Be it a bright-colored blouse or a statement pair of red heels; colors can make or break an outfit. But in our search for the next glam shade, we miss out on the criminally understated beauty of neutral-colored clothes. We popularly know black, gray, and white as the classic neutral colors, but other shades like taupe, beige, and more also feature wonderful options for your next neutral-toned outfit. Today we are going to talk about Shungite Jewelry.

With your outfit colors in the clear, what about your jewelry? Any outfit would be incomplete with complementary jewelry. However, when picking your jewelry for a neutral-toned outfit, there is a clear winner here – shungite. 

Shungite is the underrated superstar of the neutral color world. It is elegant, classy, and pretty enough to make your friends green with envy! It is also not bank-breakingly expensive, making it the ideal addition to your wardrobe and neutral-colored outfits.

Here are some other factors you can ideally consider when picking jewelry and why shungite will be a total winner for all of them. 

1. Metals

Metals are the complement to your outfit as well as your gemstones. The good thing about neutral outfits is that you can ‘rock' all sorts of metals! However, the most popular and classic choices are, without a doubt, gold and silver metals. They can match or provide a subtle contrast to your neutral outfit and make your jewelry pop. 

Why Shungite Works: Simply put, light neutrals will subtly contrast to shungite, a dark-colored gemstone. The healing gemstone looks excellent no matter which metal it is placed in since black in itself is a neutral tone. Therefore, regardless of the metals you choose, you have the range and freedom to diversify your choices because shungite is the ideal companion to them all!

Shungite Jewelry

2. Size

Size matters; that is what they say, right? Well, they were not lying. The size of your jewelry is an essential factor to consider when wearing neutral tones. For the most part, it is recommended that one wear simplistic, minimalist pieces when wearing neutral colors. However, if you feel like making a huge splash wherever you go, do not hold back on picking a statement piece or gemstone which is significant, bold, and so you!

Why Shungite Works: Shungite is one gemstone that is very versatile in its use. It especially stands out when worn on low-key pieces like pendants and neckpieces because it's understated tones, combined with simplistic metals, make for the perfect minimalistic addition. However, consider looking into bolder bracelets and shungite rings to really put yourself out there!

3. Gemstones

Will flashy emeralds and sapphires work for you when you wear neutral tones? The glaring answer is no, girl! Neutral tones in clothes will look good only when complemented with other neutral tones. Bold and solid colors will jar the eyes of those who see you, whereas a color that complements your outfit will be a shoo-in.

This is why you will notice that all jewelry will be in under-stated colors at most fashion shows so that the real star of the show, your outfit, stands out!

Why Shungite Works: A black piece of jewelry can be a statement piece for any neutral outfit you wear. Even if you choose to wear black shungite pieces with a neutral dark-colored outfit, the ebony gemstone is bound to work with the varied range of shades and bring out the best in you! In addition, shungite jewelry  is very versatile in its usage as a gemstone. It is durable, elegant, and just overall an excellent gemstone to have in your jeweled arsenal. 

4. Skin Tone

Generally, you can have one of two skin tones: warm and cool. And luckily, neutral shades work excellently on both types of tones. So you can easily pair beige and black, or taupe and white on any outfit, and walk out looking runway ready. However, it is generally felt that warmer tones of skin deal better with neutral-colored clothes. But that should not stop you from picking out a neutral-colored palette for yourself!

Why Shungite Works: Science agrees, people agree. In fact, even the off-brand magazines on those shady shops agree that black works for everything. Shungite is unique in its coloring in that it is a particular shade of black that enhances the aesthetics of all neutral-colored outfits. Shungite is a classy, evergreen gemstone that will escalate your look from a 10/10 to 1000/10. 

Shungite Jewelry

5. Occasion

If you have chosen to wear a neutral color palette for yourself, chances are, wherever you are headed do not need bold, flashy colors like those of amber, sapphires, or emeralds. While these are excellent color options for an outspoken, bold outfit, neutrals are more laid back. And when in Rome, do as the Romans do, yes?

Before you step out, make sure you match your jewelry with the occasion. After all, there is only so much color your workplace will handle. A simple and casual outfit with one of your favorite t-shirts and a good pair of jeans probably calls for a more casual and simple choice of jewelry, for example.

Why Shungite Works: If you had to think of a corporate setting, what color stands out? Black. Going on a fine-dining date with that man off Tinder? Black again. Wearing an LBD for your night out at a club? Black, black, more black! And what gemstone is a perfect match for all these neutral-palette events? Black shungite! You can match up almost any neutral color with shungite and come out on the other end looking like a neutral-toned goddess. 

In Closing

While there are a lot of factors to keep in mind, these are some of our top picks of what you should consider when picking out jewelry for a color palette. Do not forget to personalize your choices according to your personal style, preference, and budget!

Speaking of budget, shungite can be your new ride or die in the jewelry department because it is not that expensive compared to other jewels. 

So don't be hesitant to pick and choose your shungite jewelry as per your preferred color palette and be ready to receive those compliments!

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