5 Halloween Health and Safety Tips with Crest!

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Halloween is just around the corner and if you have small kids, you probably have plans already in the works!  I am excited to share 5 Halloween Health and Safety Tips with Crest to help you keep piece of mind during this busy time of the year.

Halloween and Oral Health:

As parents we know all that candy can be hard on teeth…But did you know it's not just the kids who have to think about healthy teeth and gums this time of year?

Crest recently conducted a survey which found 4 in 10 enjoy the holiday more than they did when they were children. And “73% of adults report they buy extra Halloween candy to binge on themselves”.  Although the majority (7 in 10) encourage kids to brush teeth better on Halloween night, it's still notable that it's not just kids who are ending up with lots of extra sugar on the teeth!  They found “The average parent eats one-fourth of their children’s Halloween candy”!  (Source: OnePoll for Crest, 8/18).  

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5 Health and Safety Tips for Halloween:

Wear reflective or bright costumes for Halloween. 

This was probably the most important safety thing for us when our kids were very small. With lots of traffic out on Halloween, being easily visible to drivers is necessary!  If you're home handing out candy, keeping inside and outside lights on helps trick or treaters.

Keep Crest Toothpaste on Hand

Toothpaste and of course Spin brushes are always important, but we tend to focus more on oral care when there is candy in the house.  We prefer the themed Oral B electric toothbrushes since getting sticky candy off teeth can sometimes be difficult for smaller kids, and Crest Complete Whitening with Scope for our toothpaste.  For older kids, have Crest Kids' Mouth Rinse available in fun flavors. See them here.

Have a Backup Plan for Trick or Treating

For cold weather, we always opted to do the indoor fall carnivals when the kids were small.   We typically have warmer Octobers here in Oklahoma, but the weather can be cooler (or more windy!) than predicted during this time of year especially.  Great alternative for anyone prone to illness or allergies.

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Bring Pets Indoors

Or, keep them in their kennel if they are prone to anxiety over strangers and crowds.  Our dog doesn't do well with lots of unusual activity in the neighborhood, so keeping him safe indoors is always better for him.

Inspect the Candy, and Only Hand Out Prepackaged Candy. We dump all the candy out on the living room floor for mom to inspect first, and separate any torn packages, nut containing candies, and choking hazards like gobstoppers or gum.  My kids were great about this, since it was always a big safety thing for us.  If you're handing out candy, many parents will be throwing away any which are not store-packaged.  Select bagged candy that is individually wrapped and easily recognized.

We hope you enjoyed reading and have a safe and happy Halloween!

Do you have any tips for keeping up great oral health with all the candy around?  Let us know!

All photos used with permission.

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