Top 20 Valentines Movie Watchlist

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Need a Valentine's Movie to watch at home?? We have 20 of our favorites to jog your memory and help you think of a fun movie to enjoy, whether you rent on Redbox, Amazon, or have it already at the house on DVD!

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If you're spending Valentine's Day in rather than a date night out, a good movie is a must-have.

There's always the option of renting the latest move you and your special someone might not have seen yet, but if you're in the mood for a nostalgic romantic movie we have a great list you can go through.  Order on Amazon at links included, or you can perhaps find these movies stashed in the $5 or even $3 bin at Walmart or drug stores! 

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Top 20 Valentines Movie Watchlist- The Classics:

Below is our Top 20 movies for Valentine's Day! So pop some popcorn snuggle up with that special someone for a date night in this Valentines Day. Be sure and share this list on your Facebook wall so that special someone might get the HINT if you know what I mean!

Valentine's Movies- Our Favorites:

  • Sleepless in Seattle – This might be my all time favorite Valentine's Movie! A good romance movie with lots of funny and cute moments mixed in.
  • Crazy Stupid Love– This one is SO good. You're missing out if you haven't yet seen it!
  • The Proposal– OK I am more of a comedy fan, so this one gets my vote too! If you haven't seen this Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds movie, it's a MUST see! Hilarious and super cute.

Classics and Family Friendly:

  • Titanic– If you only see this movie once every few years, Valentine's Day is a good time to sit down and enjoy it. Love the music of course!
  • The Princess Bride– This one is family friendly- so a great idea for a movie night at home with the kiddos!
  • The Love Bug (1969)- I remember this one from when I was a kid, and it's just so fun to watch. If you haven't seen this one in a few years it's great for the nostalgia.
  • Cinderella (live action movie)- This live action Disney classic is a fun family movie, especially if you have Disney princess fans who will be watching the movie too!
  • Beauty and the Beast (live action movie) – This one may be on Disney Plus so check it out! Even if you aren't wanting to watch this one yourself, it's a nice family movie to let the kiddos watch.
  • Gone with the Wind– If you've been wanting to watch this one but haven't had the time, Valentine's is the perfect time to sit down and enjoy it. It's run time is 3 hours and 58 minutes!

Recent Movies and Drama:

  • You've Got Mail– Another great Tom Hanks classic.
  • Leap Year– Amy Adams stars in this 2010 romantic comedy. Fun movie if you haven't yet seen it.
  • P.S. I Love You– This one is one of the biggest tear-jerkers I've seen, but also sweet.
  • Pride and Prejudice– If you're a literary fan and haven't seen this movie, Valentine's is the perfect time for it!
  • Good Will Hunting– I actually like this movie any time of year, but its run time is longer so a good one to sit down and watch if you have the time.
  • While You Were Sleeping– Another rom-com classic!
  • 50 First Dates: Off beat rom-com with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore
  • 500 Days of Summer: This movie has a good story-line and if you haven't seen it, would recommend. Stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt Zooey Deschanel.
  • The Notebook– Of course this one has to make the list! Valentine's Day is a great time to re-watch this one.
  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days– Another good one if you're wanting more of a comedy.
  • Sweet Home Alabama– I just love this one, maybe

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There's our list! Did you see your favorite on our list, or do you have another movie in mind? Leave us a comment on Facebook to add some great ideas for readers! I hope this gives you some inspiration for a good romance movie to pair with a good Valentine's Day at home.

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