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Kids n pets

I am the mother of  three of the most adorable fur babies in the world but let me warn you, their cute looks can be deceiving. They each have their own personalities. Today my dog Isabella (Izzy for short) get's to take the spotlight for my post. She was our first of the three we have now and she is definitely a mama's girl. She's very smart and can actually do a lot of tricks. However there is one trick she likes to pull on mommy when she leaves her at home that mommy isn't very happy with. In the picture above you can se our hallway. We don't have much carpet in the house except for the hallway and the kids rooms.

Pee spot

Whenever we leave Izzy like to claim this section of the house as the place to leave mommy little presents when she leaves. As you can tell in the photo she is turning her head away from the computer because she knows she got caught. What am I going to do with this lovable little girl with an attitude? Lucky for her, I was contacted by Kids ‘N Pets to try out some of their stain fighting products. KIDS ‘N’ PETS’ Instant All Purpose Stain & Odor Remover, is a safe, non-toxic and biodegradable formula specially made to tackle the toughest stain and odors that kids and pets make. It totally eliminates stains and odors from diaper blowouts, food spills and muddy shoe or paw prints to potty training accidents and throw-up. All I did is spray Kids ‘N Pets on the carpet, saturate it real good and let it set for 10 minutes, scrubbed it real good and let it dry.

Pets N Kids

Remember that big dark spot? …….. IT”S GONE! What is your biggest trouble spot or stain?

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Kids 'N Pets

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