Pet Care Tips: Saving Money on Your Dog

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There’s a good reason why dogs are known as man’s best friend. After all, Dogs and puppies are some of the most wonderful companions there are. Before you decide to bring a canine into your life it is important to recognize that there are certain responsibilities you have as an owner.

Bringing a dog into the family means feeding it, taking it to the vet, properly training it, and being able to provide for all its needs, which can be expensive. Proper Pet Care is super important. The good news is that there are some tactics you can use to ensure that you have enough money to correctly get and take care of a dog. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

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Save for Pet Care: Find some extra work 

One of the most straightforward ways of saving enough to welcome a new dog into your life is to take on some extra work. Indeed, there are many options to explore here including requesting overtime at your current job. Just make sure that it’s paid and not already a part of your contract! 

Alternatively, why not use the gig economy to your advantage and raise some additional cash by doing jobs such as delivery driving, home maintenance tasks, or even dog walking or sitting. The latter options being something that will also help you prepare for the arrival of your canine pal.  You can make extra cash doing Postmates or UberEats on the weekends.

Sell valuable items you no longer need 

Another way to generate a substantial amount of money is to sell valuables you no longer need or want. Any valuable with a decent resale value will do. In particular, jewelry is a great choice. By finding the right buyer you can easily maximize the return you will see. 

The happy news is that a good Premier Jewelry Buyer isn’t hard to find. Just be sure to look for one that considers all the factors that add value to your piece, and one that provides payment in the way that best fits your needs. After all, some will offer cash, some will offer you a commission on the piece if it sells, and others will provide a loan service. Facebook marketplace is also a great way to get rid of unwanted valuable items or even ebay.

Have a garage sale:

Of course, many people have items they wish to sell but aren’t of high value such as jewelry. Fortunately there are other options to consider here. It is important to remember that small sales amounts can really add up fast if you make enough of them. 

With that in mind, hosting a garage sale can be a great way to raise the money you need to properly take care of your pet. It can also provide you with an excellent opportunity to clear your home of clutter as well. I I If you would rather not hold a full garage sale, you can run an offer such as 5 items for 10 dollars. This can help you move the less popular things and also maximize your income. You can grab some cheap supplies for your garage sale at Dollar Tree. Check lout these tips for a successful garage sale.

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Affording Pet Care: Couponing & Shopping Smart

There is another smart way to raise the funds you need to bring a dog into your life and afford pet care, and it’s all about reclaiming some of the money you already spend. In fact, many of us spend way over the amount we need to for things such as groceries and food. 

Fortunately, with just a little additional work you can make massive savings on food shopping for the week. The main way of doing this is by clipping coupons. In fact, if you meal plan and use coupons to offset some of the cost of your weekly grocery shop you can make vast savings. It’s even possible to use coupons to save on household items and clothes as well, which should ensure you are left with plenty of money to care for Fido. 

  • Write your favorite pet food company and ask for coupons.
  • Sign up for their newsletters for money saving coupons.
  • Join our Hot Deals Group on Facebook for all the deals on pet food and more.
  • Join our Amazon Group (ConsumerQueen Brown Box Shoppers) for coupon codes to save 75 to90% off pet supplies.
  • Sign up for apps like Petco who offer deals like buy 7 Bags of dog food get the 8th one free.

Keep the costs of caring for your dog low 

Last of all, when taking proper care of a dog it’s not all about raising money, but also by being smart about keeping the costs involved as low as possible. 

For example, many vets have puppy plans which entitle your dog to regular checkups and all their vaccinations for a set price. Then later when they are older you can get dog insurance which should cover the majority of any treatment for illness or accident. 

Also, you can keep the cost of caring for your pet low by DIYing products like pet shampoo and treats, as doing things this way is often far less expensive than buying from a store. Something that should help you to keep your overall pet care costs low while still providing an excellent level of care. Check out our 6 essential dog products you need.

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