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Fall DIY: Make Your Own Fall Tree

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Fall DIY: Make Your Own Fall Tree with this Tutorial! Perfect if you love fall colors and decorations like we do!

What is a Fall Tree?

We got the idea of a fall tree from friends of ours many years ago. (See her guest post below). I love the colors of fall and really like to step up our home décor during the fall season.

If you're like me and the holiday colors and decorations are cheerful, why not start it all earlier? I know many of you are ready to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving– no judgement here! But if you can't wait to decorate and still want to enjoy the autumn season's colors, a fall tree might be just right!

Disclaimer– It doesn't take the place of our Christmas Tree! 🙂 I keep a good sense of humor about the idea of a fall tree and know it's not for everyone. There are many out there who wouldn't think of breaking with the Christmas tree traditions. That's totally fine! I personally decorate our tree mostly by myself and it's actually nice to already have the tree down and out of the attic. One less chore! The fall decorations are put away and our Christmas ones go up! I hope you love this idea and get a chance to decorate your own.

Keep in mind- this post is just an idea and you can totally make it your own. Adapt this idea to smaller accent trees, wreaths, or even outdoor Christmas decor. Just change the colors and accents. Have fun with this one!

Ideas for decorating a fall tree:

Guest Post by Marcia Smith

I know you’re not going to believe this, but it was my husband’s idea to decorate a tree for fall. He’s the kind of guy who likes everything decorated. Our house, at Christmas, is packed full of stuff. We have a grandson now and he wants to see the sparkle in JJ's eyes and wonder on his face when he comes to our house. Well, fall is turning into the same idea.

He says “why don’t you decorate a tree for fall.” I even thought that was a great idea. (You will notice he said “you”. He has the ideas and I execute them.)

So off to Hobby Lobby I go with my daughter, Leah, who helps me fulfill this great idea. The first trip didn’t produce much because everything I wanted wasn’t on sale. If it's not on sale I don't buy. The second trip I made to Hobby Lobby everything was 40% off so I bought a lot, or so I thought.

I got all this stuff home and on the tree and I thought it looked pretty good. Well, when Leah came over she said “you need more stuff on the tree.” Back to Hobby Lobby. This time we got some orange and some gold decorations from the Christmas section (they were on sale, too!) that looked like fall. Also, some fall flowers and acorns. Now the tree looks really great. Another plus, my husband has one less tree to set up for Christmas. You see, we have 9 Christmas trees inside and outside our home.

Marcia, this is the prefect way to get more use out of your Christmas Tree and make the perfect transition from Holiday to Holiday! Thank you for sharing this project with us, you have inspired me to create my own Fall Tree.~ Melissa (The Consumer Queen)

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