How to make Hummus…it’s so easy!

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If you would have told me 1o years ago that I'd love hummus I would have thought you were nuts! The name. hummus, just sounded gross to me. But I don't mind admitting it when I am wrong. It's delicious! And who knew it was so easy to make?!

I love that it's so versatile. I like using it like salsa and dipping tortilla chips in it. You can also use pita bread, veggies and even smear it on a sandwich.

So here is my take on hummus. Feel free to throw in your own flavors and make it your own!

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    1. I haven’t tried freezing it but I think that it should do fine. I would say it would be good in a fridge in a sealed container for 10-14 days. The lemon juice in it should act as a natural preservative!

  1. Ann Downs Smith · Cashier at Walmart

    I was wondering if u and cook them first and mush them up with the rest of the ingredients? I don’t have a food processor. My husband discovered he loves this stuff! ty STacy

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