Starting the day off right! Introducing the Waffle Sandwich!

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The other day I was talking to my Mom and she told me that she made a waffle sandwich. A waffle sandwich?! I told her to send me a picture the next time she made it. Here it is! Raise your hand if you wished your mom made this for you in the morning?!

Here's the low down on how to make this. Prepare 2 frozen waffles. Beat 1 egg and put it in a microwave safe bowl. (one the is flat on the bottom and about the same size as the waffle would work great!) Cook for 2 minutes. Assemble your sandwich like so from the bottom up…waffle, eggs, slice of cheese, slice of Canadian bacon, waffle. Ta-da! Talk about a great way to start off your day! And it doesn't take that long to prepare!

*Also try English muffins and toast! Or go a little crazy and try pancakes!!

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  1. My son and I use mini bagels and a small glass bowl. He was excited to hear about the waffle idea and wants to give it a try….thanks 😀

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