4 Ingredient Wookie Cookie

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A recipe that is easy to make and looks like chewbacca? Yes please! Follow this 4 ingredient Star Wars Wookie Cookie Recipe and make some wookie cookies for your kiddos.

Wookie cookie on tier tray

Little Debbies have always been a nostalgic favorite for me and my family. Who doesn't love the taste of that crispy crunchy outside with the soft chewy inside? Little Debbie snack cakes were often in our house as a quick after school snack or on road trips to help fight off hunger.

The first time I tried these Little Debbie snacks I couldn't get enough of them. They are perfect for those late night cravings or anytime you want something sweet but not too sweet. And they're only 250 calories per package. They are going to be the star of today's Star wars Recipe.

chewbacca cookie

First your going to unwrap your Little Debbie Star Crunch cookies and lay them out. I like to lay them out on wax paper just so nothing sticks and it's easy to clean up. If you haven't heard of Star Crunch, these are a Little Debbie brand snack that are made with chocolate and puffed rice. They are more on the cookie side than the “snack cake” type of dessert, if you are familiar with most Little Debbie snacks. You can pick them up at most larger grocery stores, and they do pop up at Dollar Stores now and then. Of course you can find them on Amazon at link above if you don't have a store nearby that carries them.

The fun part about these ready made snacks is that with eyes and a couple decorations, they look just like Chewbacca from the Star Wars movies! We called them Wookie Cookies and of course made some fun food labels to make sure everyone knew how they went with our Star Wars themed party. You can see more below and get the links to your food labels if you need them!

Decorating Your Wookie Cookies:

Your going to black and white cookie frosting for most of the detailing of this wookie cookie. Then some candy eyeballs for the wookies eyes.

Start by placing a little of the frosting on the back of the eyes to get them to stick to the Star Crunch. Then use the black frosting to give the wookie his eyebrows and nose.

Chewbacca on black plate star wars

Next your going to use the black cookie frosting to make the wookies belt. This is where the white cookie icing also comes into play. You will use the white cookie icing to make the dots on is belt. If you have trouble making the dots because the frosting like to fall over like a droplet, just use a toothpick to separate the icing strings from the top of the tube.

Betty Crocker Cookie Icing in Black works well, but Wilton also carries a good quality black icing. Having decorated cakes and cookies for many years, I do not recommend trying to make your own black icing unless you have experience in cakes and confections. It's really hard to get enough food coloring in to make the icing black. Usually you will end up with a gray-ish silver. Not exactly what we are going for here. 🙂

Wookie Cookies

Hope you enjoy these fun and easy Wookie Cookie treats! I think the best part is that they are semi-homemade and you can put these together in the middle of planning other party foods and decorations.

We all know how much kids love Star Wars. And we also know they have a special place in their heart for Chewbacca. So what better way to create an epic cookie than with the face of our favorite Wookie!
These wookie cookies will be perfect for your next Star wars Party, when you use our free printable Star wars food labels.

Yield: 12

4 Ingredient Wookie Cookie

Wookie cookie on black plate

4 Ingredient Wookie Cookie is perfect for those little Star wars lovers in your home.

Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  • 1 box of Little Debbie Star Crunch
  • 1 Pkg of Candy eyeballs
  • 1 pkg of Black Cookie Frosting
  • 1 pkg of White Cookie Frosting


  1. Unwrap Star Crunch
  2. Add a bit of frosting to the back of the eyeballs and place them on the star crunch.
  3. Next draw on the eye brows and nose with the black cookie frosting.
  4. Draw the wookies belt with the black cookie frosting.
  5. Add white polkadots to the belt with white cookie frosting.
  6. Let dry and enjoy.

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