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Pretzel Butterflies…perfect for any little girl’s party!

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Pretzel Butterflies

This year my daughter wanted a fairy party. I had so much fun planning everything out. I tried to keep things simple but I just can’t help getting a little carried away. Her birthday only comes once a year!

I wanted to share with you these fun Pretzel Butterflies that I made for the celebration. They were a big hit! They are also pretty easy to make. To save on time I used already covered pretzels instead of dipping them myself. Melt some almond bark and dip the bottom of one pretzel in it. Stick it to another pretzel and place it on wax paper. Place candies in the almond bark between the pretzels. This will form the body of the butterfly. The almond bark with act as a glue once it cools.

Pretzel butterflies how to


I found these really cool candy pearls  in the baking area at Walmart. My daughter loved them. We used the extras to decorate her cupcakes.

For her fairy party we had face painting, wand decorating, played games and decorated cup cakes. It was so much fun!

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