Pretzel Shamrocks

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These are so cute and easy to make! It’s a great alternative to traditional sugar cookies.


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What you need:

1 Package of yogurt or white chocolate covered pretzels

1-2 cubes of white almond bark or white chocolate chips

Wax paper

First you need you melt the white chocolate. This is going to be like the glue that holds it together. I used almond bark. I put it in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time, stirring and checking each time. It should take about 60 seconds.

Line a cookie sheet with wax paper. Each shamrock will need 3 whole pretzels and a piece for the stem.

You can either dip the pretzel or use something to dab with chocolate on. First take the bottom part of 2 pretzels and dip them chocolate. Lay them on the wax paper with the bottoms touching each other, so it looks like a butterfly. Then take another pretzel and dip the bottom of it in chocolate. Place it on top of the other two, so that all the bottoms are in the center and the looped part of the pretzels are facing out. Now it should look like a shamrock. If you want to add a stem just take a broken piece of pretzel and dip on end in chocolate and attached it.

Let cool.

You can leave them this way or you can keep decorating! Get creative! If it was up to my kids they would be covered in sprinkles! I took some icing that I dyed green, put it in a sandwich bag with one of the corners snipped off and iced around the outline of the shamrock. I think that it helped it stand out a little.


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