Back to School Gifts for Kids & College Students

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Are you looking for the perfect back to school gift for your child? Check out our list of the best gifts for kids headed back to school! From cool new gadgets to fun and educational toys, we've got you covered. So whatever your budget, we have a great gift idea for you!

Back to school gift guide

Disclaimer: This Back to School Gifts for Kids post has items included that were provided at no cost to for the purposes of this gift guide. Any opinions are my own.

School Essentials- Classroom and Homeschool

If you have a child, grandchild, or anyone heading back to school this year, you might be thinking of a special gift to celebrate the first day of school. There are a lot of actual school supplies that kids need that can make the perfect gift for the beginning of the school year. And for students during their studies, it would be a good gift to get college assignment help.Check out these school must haves below! And, if you know a teacher, high school student, or college students who can use office supplies, one of these options is sure to make a nice gift idea!

School Essentials

Back To School Tech and Toys

Back to School Tech and Toys

Chic Gift Ideas – Gifts that Wow!

Looking for something with the wow factor? For college kids setting up a dorm room, or a spouse or close family members who are teachers, sometimes larger ticket items are on the list! See these home essentials, and fashion picks as a great way to brighten up their year.

Chic Gifts - College, Home and More

Lunch Box, Treats and Eats

If you are like me and think of food as a fun way to celebrate something new, these lunchbox treats are something to check out. The beginning of the school year is the perfect time to try out new healthy food options, and of course find great convenience foods that will save you time in the kitchen as everyone settles back into the school-year routine.

Back To School: Lunch Box, Snacks and Eats

Back to School Fashion

Older kids, new students at a school, and any kids growing definitely have back to school clothing needs! We always hit the sales and make sure to know our state's tax free weekend for clothing items. These are great ways to save on clothing for the school season. You can also find school essentials like jeans, uniforms, and other accessories that need to be ordered during the rest of the year. For their big back to school night event or first day of class, see some fun fashion for the beginning of the year with style!

Back to School Fashion/Apparel/Beauty

Small Gift Ideas to Fill Up a Backpack!

Do you see school supply drives and wish you could help fill those school backpacks? In the last five or ten years we've noticed a huge influence to help with school supply drives. This is awesome! If you don't have kids at home any more, or you just want to be a blessing to kids of all grade levels, and families who need a little more support this time of year, donating to a school supply drive is the perfect option.

There are great options locally, so be sure to check out the individual schools close to your location for any supply drives. If you're not seeing any, you can check local news station websites and they will usually have a list of ways you can help out. Not sure what to include? Stick with basics, but be sure they are good quality. Often, we see awesome school supply deals at the dollar store, but these items may not have the quality needed to withstand use during school time every day for months on end!

Here are a few school gift ideas to donate:

  • Pencil case
  • Note books
  • Printer Paper and Filler Paper
  • Washi Tape or Labels (for teachers)
  • Colorful water bottles
  • New Pencil (we love the Ticonderoga brand)
  • Washable markers (Crayola)
  • Classroom supplies – look for a kit that contains paper clips, push pins and more (for teachers)
  • Lunch packs
  • Tissue
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Gift card to Walmart, Target, Office Depot, or other retailer nearby. Note: with any gift card donation, we would consider it wise to hand it to someone managing the school supply drive, rather than leaving it behind where supplies are collected. Also include the gift receipt letting them know how much money you've added to the gift card.
back to school

Thanks for reading our ideas for Back to School Gifts for Kids. It can be hard to know what to get kids when they go back to school. Hopefully, this list of items will help you get ready for the new school year! We wish all students much success in their studies and hope these gifts help make the transition a little bit easier.


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