Frugal Tips to Keep Your Cool

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Unfortunately I am writing this from experience….my air conditioner tried to kick the bucket over the weekend but I was able to get someone in and get it fixed quickly.
No one likes going without an air conditioner, especially in Oklahoma during the summer. Here are some tips and tricks that worked for us to help keep us cool while we waited for the repairman. (Thankfully it was not in the hundreds.)
1. If you have ceiling fans in your house make sure they are turning the correct way. In the warmer months the fan should turn clockwise.
2. Close the doors. We closed the doors in the rooms we were not using. Since we were running fans we made sure all the doors to the rooms that people were not in were closed so the cool air did not escape.
3. Close the drapes. We made sure that the windows and curtains were closed so we retained a little coolness. (It never really got too dark inside.)
4. Do not use the oven. We used our slow cooker and my electric roaster.
5. Push the fluids. I was pushing the fluids more than I normally have been at this time of year since I did not want the kids dehydrated.
6. Leave the house. Thankfully we had some errands to run and had found gift cards so we were able to extend our trips to the land of free air conditioning.
7. Buy a blow up pool. I found a large blow up pool marked down and I blew that up and threw the kids into it. (Not literally!!)
8. Stay calm. If everyone stays calm and no one fights or bickers with anyone else it seems cooler. Understand everyone else is uncomfortable also and just make the best of it.

What are your tips and tricks to stay cool when the mercury rises? I opted not to go and buy out the store for all their fans of sit in front of the freezer qwith the door open or slide into my deep freezer.

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  1. I do all of my housework in the early am or late pm. My husband is an oven, always warm, so if he is working on his laptop I have him set up in our basement where it is always cool. And I try not to complain about the heat, because then the hubby agrees with me and the A/C goes on!

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