DIY Valentines Felt Hearts

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I love this adorable DIY! See how to make these DIY Valentines Felt Hearts, perfect for a center piece, gift and more.

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Thank you to yvonnebelindawilson for submitting this DIY! I love that these instructions are simple to follow, so if you aren't familiar with using embroidery thread, you can still easily accomplish these cute hearts.

I remember years ago when I first started out sewing, making little craft projects with felt. It's a very forgiving fabric to work with, since it does not fray as you handle it, and two pieces will generally stick together pretty well. They don't slide around or need pinning together as much as working with cotton fabrics.

Because of this, felt is ideal for those new to sewing or anyone who has trouble with handling small hand-held projects.

felt heart supply list

I would probably choose a couple different colors of felt for this project, so you will end up with multiple hearts that contrast each other. These instructions were done with a cheery red fabric and then a cream color.

Choose embroidery thread that will match your fabric but also some that will contrast!


Heart stencil

Ultimately you can choose how big or small to make your hearts. If you're expereineced with sewing you can make your own templates.

However, we've included the printable template to go by if you're not sure you can make your own heart.

DIY Valentines Felt Hearts  1

Remember to make two of each heart template, to make one finished heart. If you're supervising an older child who is sewing these together, this would be better to do for them. In my experience you need very sharp scissors to cut felt!

DIY Valentines Felt Hearts  2

You can use the already cut out hearts to make additional hearts as you go!

DIY Valentines Felt Hearts  3

After you have your hearts cut out, you can place a pin in the center to keep the layers together so you can easily sew around the edges. If you're helping a kiddo sew these together it's a good trick! You can place the pin into a pin cushion on the back if needed.

Then just sew around the edges!

DIY Valentines Felt Hearts  4

Valentine Felt Hearts- Supplies Needed:

Different Ways of Sewing:

You can do a few different stitches here to make your hearts vary in style, and keep them interesting! Consider doing a regular in-and-out stitch leaving about 1/4-1/8″ of an edge.

DIY Valentines Felt Hearts  5

On other hearts, you can do a hemming stich, wrapping the edge with your thread. These hearts make a great practice project for sewing.

DIY Valentines Felt Hearts  6

These stitches are shown using the full strand (6 parts) of the embroidery floss together, and using a simple slip stitch. Remember to knot one side.

DIY Valentines Felt Hearts  8

Step by Step photos are included in case you have a beginner at sewing, or aren't sure about how to work with Embroidery Floss.

DIY Valentines Felt Hearts  9

Step 1 is above. Start with a needle and about 8-10″ of floss. No need to double it up, since it's fairly thick already. Just pull 2″ or more through the needle so you don't have to repeatedly thread your needle!

You can also use regular thread for this, if you really don't like using embroidery floss, but note that it will be much thinner and not as pretty in contrast to the finished heart. The raw edges give these hearts a little of a less “finished” look and are so cute when all together.

DIY Valentines Felt Hearts  10

Sew around edges, leaving a space to insert the stuffing. This is easy to forget so if you're helping a beginner sew these, be sure to remind them to leave a space for the stuffing!

You can use whatever stuffing you have lying around in the craft stash.. I always have this light cotton fill, but if you have quilt batting or even an old throw pillow you can re-use, go for it!

DIY Valentines Felt Hearts  11

After the stuffing is inside, finish off and knot. Super easy!

finished heart

The finished Felt Valentines Hearts! Although this DIY is specifically for Valentines, you can run with this idea and make these for weddings, birthdays and more.

Finished hearts in basket

Ideas for displaying or using your Felt Valentines Hearts:

Print Your DIY Directions Here!

DIY Valentine's Felt Hearts

DIY Valentine's Felt Hearts
Prep Time 20 minutes
Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 20 minutes


  • Felt or fabric of choice
  • Embroidery floss
  • Heart stencil (I have attached the stencil that I used for your convenience)
  • Sharpie marker
  • Scissors
  • Fabric pins
  • Sewing needles
  • Stuffing (you can always use the stuffing from a stuffed animal, pillow, or dog toy to repurpose what you have)


  • Heart stencil (I have attached the stencil that I used for your convenience)
  • Sharpie marker
  • Scissors
  • Fabric pins
  • Sewing needles
  • Stuffing (you can always use the stuffing from a stuffed animal, pillow, or dog toy to re-purpose what you have)


    Trace heart on fabric of choice using printable stencil.

    Using sharp scissors, cut out the first heart from your fabric.

    Use the heart you just cut out of the fabric as the stencil to make the second heart (the second heart will be the back).

    This helps make sure that your front and back hearts will mach each other as close as possible.

    Stack your two cut out fabric hearts and pin them together.

    Thread and secure the embroidery floss on your needle with a knot.

    Push the needle through the felt where you’d like to begin your first stitch (you will start on the back of the heart). Pull the needle almost all the way through the front but still leaving just enough room to tie a small knot in the back. Then take your needle and pierce the front of the heart and pull the embroidery floss tightly to make your first stitch.

    This is the back of the heart and where the knot should be tied so that the thread doesn’t just pull right through or come loose as you’re stitching.

    Stitch around edge of heart, leaving 1/8 to 1/4" edge.

    Add stuffing to the heart to give it some shape.

    Stuff the heart but leave just enough space for the remaining stitches to close everything up. Don’t over stuff the hearts though or you may have some stuffing that pops our through the stitches.

    Stitch the heart closed (after stuffing) and tie a small knot on the back to secure everything in place.


Consider using thread colors to complement your hearts! Try red thread with a white fabric heart, white thread with a pink heart, and more. You can use your creativity!

Time to assemble may vary with experience and size of hearts made.

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