DIY Snowy Valentine Scene

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We are really excited to share this DIY Snowy Valentine Scene sent to us by our reader Laura Maninno! Laura thanks for sharing your photos and tips on how to make this cute craft!

Snowy Valentine Scene

DIY Snowy Valentine Scene

I absolutely love little DIY project to make my home feel cozy and welcoming! This one is a fun project that you can do on your own or along with the kids. Even better, it's done with easy to find craft items you can purchase online or in-store. Check it out below.

This DIY is made with a large clear jar. I love the “everything inside the jar” idea for several reasons! For one, it keeps small hands from dismantling your scene. đŸ˜‰ Yes, even if you don't have small kids, this can still happen with company or relatives visiting!

And then there's the NO DUSTING. Yep, that's a big advantage for me. Finally, you can actually switch around the stuff inside the jar to transition from Christmas to New Year's, on to Valentine's. The fun thing about winter themes is that you don't have to take everything down after Christmas, if you don't want to.

Items Needed:

This cute house from Target fits right inside the glass jar. You can also find similar houses at Dollar Tree, Michael's, and possibly Hobby Lobby but I haven't checked all places myself. The small decorative houses and other buildings will vary by look depending up on where you decide to purchase them.

Next, you need two evergreen trees. These lend to the winter theme, so I think they are a must-have. For the Valentine's Day accent add these cute felt hearts in front of the house.

The snow is available on Amazon, and although you will end up with more than you need for this particular project, you can save it for other crafts or pass it on to someone else.

After you gather your supplies, it's mostly a matter of just stacking them in your large glass jar. See specific instructions at printable below!

Close the jar carefully and keep level until placed where you want it to stay.

Thanks, Laura for this DIY! Find her on Facebook here, and Instagram here.

Snowy Valentine's Scene

snowy valentines scene

This cute decoration makes a great gift or DIY for yourself!

Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  • Anchor Heritage Glass Jar
  • Felt Hearts
  • Sparkling Snow
  • Miniature Evergreen Trees
  • Small Wooden House
  • Tea light (optional)


  • Scissors (optional)


    Use glass canisters from Target , or any other store.  Wipe out any dust or dirt inside the jar.

    To bottom of glass jar A small house , I used the wooden gingerbread houses from Target Bullseye playground.

    Around the bottom of the jar pour snow.  Either the craft kind or even the small little tiny Styrofoam balls to fill the jar less then a quarter of the way.  Alternately you could use real sugar for snow!

    Add a tealight to the inside of the house if you would like it to light up (optional)

    Add bottle brush trees , set them up in the jar. You can also use tacky or double sided tape to make them stand but if the jar is small enough they should be held up by the sides of the house. 

    Drop felt hearts (or any seasonal decoration you choose) in the front of house so it emerges partially into the snow. 

    It’s really that easy!  


Tacky or double sided tape may be needed to secure trees in upright position.

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