Halloween DIY Craft – Gain Fling Monsters

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We love crafts that repurpose things we already have around the house. With this Easy Upcycle Craft, you can make a fun Halloween Frankenstein Monster with just an old Gain Flings Container!

Gain Flings Frankenstein - Halloween DIY Craft

Gain Flings Halloween DIY Craft

If you saw the Tide Pods Pumpkin Craft we recently posted, this is another spin on that same theme. This Frankenstein Monster would be super cute on the porch right next to the Tide Pods Pumpkin if you've already done that craft!

You will start with one of the largest size Gain Flings cartons. You can use the ones that come with the 42-96 count. The smaller cartons will be harder to work with when you go to apply the details, so keep that in mind.

If you are displaying it outdoors on the porch, I would go with the largest size carton. Of course– we are hoping you can just use an empty one in the laundry room or garage that hasn't been thrown out yet!

Frankenstein Chin -halloween diy craft

Halloween Craft Template:

The easiest way to make this DIY Halloween craft is by using a template. You can print off the one pictured HERE. Just cut out with sharp scissors!

Some of us are great artists and might be able to free-hand paint the face on the carton. Go for it! If you can do that, definitely put those talents to work.

Frankenstein Cheeks -halloween diy craft

You can also print your template on to adhesive vinyl, or just print on paper and hot glue onto your Frankenstein Monster's face.

I have a couple different faces pictured. The sunglasses one is a little less detailed, and you might be able to make that freehand with just some black paint if you want to try it out.

Frankenstein hair -halloween diy craft

Remember, this DIY Halloween craft is just for fun. If you mess it up, you can always start over without much time spent.

Frankenstein Face -halloween diy craft

Adding the Bolts:

Instead of cutting holes or gluing any plastic items resembling bolts, a safer and easier way to add the famous neck bolts is to just use black poms.

You can find these online or at the craft store for just a dollar or two. (Check Dollar tree- you might just find a small packet in the school and office supplies aisle!!)

Gain Flings Frankenstein

Remember to hot glue any decorations onto your Gain Flings Monster yourself, for safety reasons.

Just as a note, this DIY is written for adults rather than a kids' activity, simply since Laundry Detergent cartons are not toys and are meant to be kept away from children. This would be a fun Halloween activity for teens and tweens, however!

I hope you can get the chance to upcycle an old Gain Flings carton- instead of trying to figure out whether to throw it in the recycle bin or not. Happy crafting– and Happy Halloween!

See Your Gain Flings Monster Directions Here

Yield: 1

Gain Flings Frankenstein Monster Craft

Gain Flings Frankenstein

Upcycle your old Gain Flings carton with this fun craft!

Prep Time 15 minutes
Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost Under $10


  • 1 Gain Flings Carton (empty, washed out)
  • Frankenstein Template
  • Printer paper OR 8.5x11 blank adhesive label OR adhesive vinyl
  • Black tape or adhesive vinyl
  • 2 black pom poms


  • Liquid glue (if not using adhesive label or vinyl)
  • Scissors


    Remove the label from the laundry pods container by soaking in hot water, scraping, and then using GooGone to remove completely.

    Use a heat gun to warm the label but the ease of this option varies based on the brand.

    For instance, I found using a heat gun to be easy on Gain containers but difficult on Tide containers.

    Print template and cut.

    Apply the template to the side of the container.

    Glue one pom pom to each side of the container.

    Create a stitched neckline using black tape.


I would not recommend trying to cut holes in the container, since they are very hard plastic and it would be time consuming and difficult!

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