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Llama Printable Valentines Day Cards

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Valentine's Day is around the corner! Print this FREE coloring page and Valentine's Day Card Set! Perfect for last minute- or to make at home!

Jpeg Llama Valentines Coloring Page

Llama Printable Valentines Day Cards:

You might have noticed how popular Llamas are right now. We love llamas around here– and even have a Llama Christmas stocking! Of course when Valentine's Day rolls around, llamas make great Valentines to hand out, too!

Colored JPEG Llama Valentines day Card

Valentine's Day Printables

Whether you're handing out Valentines in class as usual, or adapting to a more socially-distanced version this year, these free printables will take some of the stress out of planning!

In the past –when my kids were smaller– some years were completely Pinterest Perfect with time and effort spent on prepping fun gifts and treats for holiday. Then there were other years which were quite the opposite! It's funny how certain holidays sneak up on you, some years! In those cases, last minute ideas were the order of the day.

A batch of cookies or bars and printed out Valentine's Day cards worked JUST as well as all the perfectly planned ones. Some of my favorite holiday decorations are ones the kids did themselves, from cutting out shapes to coloring and gluing together!

walmart valentines clearance

Sometimes work and life just get extra busy and it's OK to throw things together last minute. I hope these fun Llama Valentines will come in handy for anyone needing them– or for any Llama fans out there that love these cute prints!

See Below For your Printable Valentines Day Cards

Print Your Single Llama Valentine Coloring Page Here! This one prints out in a full page size, and is pictured at the top of this post.

For Printable Full Color (sheet of 4) Llama Printable Valentine's Day Cards to hand out, CLICK HERE.

For Printable BLACK AND WHITE (sheet of 4) Llama Printable Valentine's Day Cards, CLICK HERE. Kids can color these in on their own. ๐Ÿ™‚

These are ready to go– just what mom or dad will need if this is a last minute thing! Just add to your Valentine's treats and you're done! For a frugal option or if you're not able to make a trip to the store for treats, scroll down for some easy cookie recipes that can be individually wrapped.

If you're printing these ahead of time and want to add some fun embellishments, check out these ideas:

Enjoy– and Happy Valentine's Day!

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