How Do THC-Free CBD Gummies Taste?

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The rise of the various CBD products on the marketplace has led to all kinds of unique ways to enjoy CBD. There are basically many choices – from regular CBD oils to convoluted CBD dabs – than ever before in history.

One of the fastest-growing types of CBD products these days are CBD gummies, primarily because of the convenience and their multitudes of flavors.

However, before we all go and buy CBD gummies immediately, are they any good? Do CBD gummies actually taste good – even the THC-free ones? Read on to find out more if you're exploring information on CBD Gummies.

What Are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are basically a measure of CBD oil suspended within a mixture of sugar and gelatin, turning it into a chewable sweet. Sometimes CBD gummies are made from things like vegetable glycerin instead of gelatin, primarily to provide an option for vegans.

The sweetener may also be different – sugar usually tastes the best but can be an issue for those with problematic teeth or who suffer from diabetes. Occasionally, manufacturers will use replacement sugars, like Splenda or aspartame instead.

This can affect the taste quite considerably, as these types of sugars have their own unique taste that some people might not find agreeable.

A CBD gummy is designed to be chewed and swallowed. They come in a variety of flavor options, some made from natural fruit juices and others using flavoring additives. This is typically what gives a CBD gummy its specific flavor and helps to differentiate it from other brands.

CBD Gummies Flavors

There is basically a near-infinite number of different flavor profiles and combinations that CBD gummies can be; it all depends on who makes them.

A widespread flavoring choice is fruits, such as strawberry or tropical fruits. These are just the most common flavors for gummy candy in general.

The flavorings ensure that the primary taste of the gummy is not CBD. Unfortunately, hemp oil has a pretty bad taste on its own and is the main reason why flavorings and sugar are used to cover up the slightly bitter taste of CBD.

While fruit flavors and the like are certainly more common, there are actually all kinds of different flavor combinations available, from more complex ones like marshmallow or chocolate banana bread to more abstract flavors like “campfire” or “sunset.”

Play around with the flavor profile of CBD gummies and try them all, because there are truly so many different options. One thing to consider is whether or not the choice of hemp extract affects the flavor.

Does the Lack of THC Make the Gummies Taste Any Different?

Depending on background, people may be more familiar with CBD gummies than edibles containing THC which are available from a dispensary shop, but it used to be the opposite. People that enjoyed partaking in THC, but didn’t want the hassle of smoking cannabis, would frequently imbibe some simple THC gummies.

In fact, there are so many people migrating away from THC gummies and into the world of CBD gummies that there are reports of people complaining about the flavors.

There is this idea that the inclusion of THC somehow affects the taste of the gummies and makes them better. For starters, the amount of THC within a CBD gummy is going to be so tiny, so there is virtually no chance of tasting a difference.

Furthermore, THC does not known to have a specific taste. Instead, the bitter taste from CBD oil just from leftover remnants of the plant material, combined with the rawness and chemical qualities.

Final Thoughts on THC Gummies

Claims that THC gummies used to taste better or have somehow become worse due to the gradual migration towards CBD gummies are definitely debatable.

In the same way that sweets and candies from childhood seem to taste better in memory, so too is it possible that older THC gummies tasted better to some.

No, the only thing that affects the flavor of any particular gummy, whether it contains CBD or THC, is what flavoring additives are used. When shopping for CBD gummies, make sure that they contain the type of flavor that suits the palate. There are so many different types nowadays that it might seem overwhelming.

However, thanks to the inexpensive nature of individual CBD gummies, it is easy to try different options and settle on the one that works and tastes the best.

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to be any type of medical advice and I cannot replace your doctor’s. I'm not a professional, and can't take responsibility for the results/choices you make based on my posts or recipes! I urge you to do your own research into possible health benefits/side effects with these foods/products yourself – it could save a life 🙂 Also, I am not an expert on CBD Products and do not intend this post for any advice on CBD. Please seek guidance from a healthcare professional as needed. Thanks for reading!


Disclosure: This content has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Any product {or products} mentioned is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please note I am not a healthcare professional and this post is for sharing product information or our own experiences only. Please seek health advice from a qualified professional, rather than online.

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