How to Wear a Leather Jacket Men: Different Types

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A good leather jacket offers classic unfiltered masculinity to a man’s wardrobe. No wonder this high fashion male clothing is so popular among men. In fact, a wardrobe without a real leather jacket would be incomplete. You can do so many different looks with a leather jacket. Today we are going to discuss How to Wear a Leather Jacket for Men.

How to Wear a Leather Jacket Men

A leather jacket is among the most costly items, so don't become an uninformed rebel. This article discusses the best leather jackets for men to help you select the right one per your looks. 

Read on. 

Biker Jacket:

The sexiest of all, a classic biker jacket is a slack-cut leather jacket, typically in black, with studs and zips. The cuts let riders ride their bikes while avoiding the zips digging into their bodies.

It is generally young and edgy kind of jacket and is best paired with slimmer fitting jeans. You could wear it with an Oxford shirt and a knitted tie. Make sure that whatever you put underneath a biker jacket is light, as the style is meant to be cut closer to your body and be a snug fit. This leather jacket is perfect for the Steve McQueen or Marlon Brando look.

Bomber Jacket:

The mens bomber jacket is consistent in its classic design – it's a cropped leather jacket with a central front zipper and waistband and fitted cuffs. It can be made in any material, from glossy nylon to soft and supple leather. It can also be many different colors. This classic style is a great option with some khaki dress pants.

Field Jacket:

A field jacket is one of the least appreciated items of military menswear. It is a cold classic garment, originally made using a cotton drill. However, it has since been updated to leather. A good quality leather jacket will not only give you that leather look but will be functional too!

Also known as M-65, it is generally more prominent than the other styles, with multiple front pockets and a belt worn around the waist. 

This specific style is often buttoned with a concealed button and looks attractive in rich brown leather. Since it sits lower than the waist, it keeps you warm and protects you from elements.

Flight Jacket:

Perhaps the most famous of leather jackets, a flight jacket was made to be worn by pilots. But today, it is a purchase for civilians and airmen alike. The jacket is bulky and has a shearling-lined lining to keep warm. Great for a casual look. A nice simple t-shirt or a plain white t-shirt and you will look like a style icon.

Important tips while wearing flight jackets:

  1. Be sure not to overload yourself with layers.
  2. Balance on the bulk of your jacket by ensuring that the other pieces of your outfit are slim and well-fitted.
  3. Stay simple and stylish by wearing plain pants and a lightweight sweater or t-shirt. 

Racer Jacket:

Apart from being influenced by military wear and sportswear, one of menswear's major influences is the automotive world—driving shoes and ribbed-knee jeans. Combine the two and cover them with leather, and you will have a racing jacket.

A racer jacket is easy to wear and flatters your body shape. It is perfect for showing off your broad shoulders since it is a slimmer fit .When learning How to Wear a Leather Jacket for Men. You may want to go for heavier leather when you have an angular body form to emphasize the flaws you do not have.

How to Wear a Leather Jacket Men

Faux Leather Jackets:

An authentic leather jacket is not the most eco-friendly option despite its cool perks. Therefore, faux leather is a perfect fit for viable alternative if you are vegan but enjoy the rock star vibe. You will adhere to the morals and ideals concerning animal cruelty while having the style and feel of a chic jacket.

Note that it is essential to test it out before buying in the store and check out how it looks in your own eyes rather than buying it online. 

The faux leather jackets are not as durable as genuine leather. They are likely to be slimmer, which could be a good option for playing around with the design or a narrower fit than the thick leather.


The right leather jacket can be a challenge considering the different types of leather jackets out there. 

However, we hope that this How to Wear a Leather Jacket for Men guide will help you understand the details of leather jackets to make an informed and intelligent purchase that meets your requirements and will help you make strong style statements! Grab yourself a good pair of noise cancelling headphones to listen to your favorite tunes to go with your new jacket.

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