10 Moving Tips to Help Make Moving Easier

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In a survey asking 2,000 Americans who’ve recently moved about how stressful the moving process was, most agreed that moving is a pretty stressful task. Some respondents even said that moving is more stressful than planning a wedding or spending a week in prison! So if you plan on moving soon, or know someone who’s planning on it, read this article to learn more about the packing and moving tips and tricks that'll make the process a lot easier.

moving tips

5 Tips to Pack More Efficiently

1. Roll Your Clothes Instead of Folding Them 

The way clothes are packed could make or break the moving process; folding your clothes the traditional way means they’ll be invading most of the moving truck instead of taking just a few boxes.

And while rolling the clothes might cause a few wrinkles, it significantly reduces the space your clothes will take, thus reducing the number of boxes you have to move. So we definitely recommend the rolling method.

2. Organize and Label Your Boxes

It's advisable that you pack each room into a group of boxes, then label those boxes and keep them close to each other. That way, you won’t confuse which box goes where and end up with a box of kitchen appliances in your bedroom!

3. Pack the Heavy Things First

Much like building construction, you want the heavy things at the bottom to act as a rigid base, then stack the lighter things on top. That way, you won’t have to worry about things breaking or moving around too much.

4. Safely Pack Plates and Glassware

When moving, the last thing you need is the extra expense of buying new plates, mugs, or vases to replace whatever got broken during the process.

So, to keep your fragile possessions safe, crumple up some paper and wrap it around them to create a layer of padding, and store the glass items in upright rows, so they don’t move around too much.

5. Correctly Pack Electrical Appliances 

It's always better to pack electrical appliances in their original packaging. But if the original boxes are missing, you can crumble some paper and put it in the bottom of the box as well as stuff it in empty spaces to add extra padding.

moving tips

5 Tips for a Smoother Moving Experience

1. Ask a Friend or a Relative for Help

Four hands are definitely better than two; it's not only faster and more efficient to get some help when moving, but it might also be a fun bonding experience for everyone involved.

2. Start Packing in Advance

Don't make the mistake of leaving everything to the last minute; start packing two weeks in advance to avoid feeling rushed or panicked.

Taking your time will also ensure that everything is packed safely, which decreases the amount of damage to your belongings.

3. Pick the Appropriate Moving Van

You wouldn't really need a giant moving truck if you only have 15 boxes. In that case, a simple pickup truck would get the job done.

On the other hand, if you're moving furniture, it's always better to go with bigger trucks; you don't want to finish packing, drive the truck home, only to find that your stuff doesn't fit properly.

4. Pack an Overnight Bag

It'd be very challenging to unpack entirely within the first day of the move. Therefore, bringing an overnight bag can help you enjoy a comfortable first night without needing to dig through your boxes for a toothbrush or a moisturizer.

5. Hire a Professional Moving Company

A more comfortable route would be paying a moving company to handle things for you, which will have the added benefit of getting moving insurance in case any of your belongings get lost or damaged.

And if you live in Texas, companies like Texas local movers are always at your disposal, and they’ll handle everything from A to Z!

6. Budget For Added Expenses

We all know that moving can be expensive and often you'll be hit with expenses you never would have expected. Save extra money before you move by selling items you no longer need, and if necessary, borrow money so you have additional cash on hand. Consider a title loan or unsecured installment loan if you can't get approved with your bank.


These were a few tips to help you have a smoother moving experience. But if you’d like a more extensive walkthrough of the entire process, you can always check our extensive guide! 

And remember, you don’t have to go through everything alone; you can always ask for a friend’s help or hire a professional service.

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