5 Tricks To Going Viral Online

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Having trouble figuring out your social media and looking for tips? Check out our 5 Tricks on Going Viral Online.

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Your online life derives the same attention as your offline life. Hence, it’s best to create an online persona that reflects your actual self – it’ll be easier to keep up with both lives if you’re honest with your audiences. There are multiple ways to create content online but very few tricks to make your content worthwhile and popular. 

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of social media is photos. People love to see pictures, mainly real-life pictures. A simple picture of you licking on a Popsicle has the potential to attract hundreds of followers and likes. Capturing real photos and videos means you need to take spontaneous shots of your life on your phone. So, you'll need necessary skills like how to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac to accomplish this.

An excellent online life requires two things; that you only produce engaging content and use compelling visuals. While it looks easy, it's not so much – there are a bunch of things you need to know about and do to create good content. Also, it would be best if you put in a lot of time and energy into your social media life to keep up with trending hashtags and participate in ongoing discussions.

Don't think that good social media equates to going viral. Many online users have a great online life without ever going viral. It all comes down to who your audience is and the content you create to attract this audience. On the other hand, going viral could mean different things. It could mean multiple shares of your post or an influencer commenting on your posts so that many people comment too.

Going viral could also mean partnership opportunities with brands and influencers, so you need to consider what you want to go viral. Below are the tricks to use to attract a large online audience and get recognition.

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Riveting Visuals

You've heard this before – it takes a couple of seconds for someone to either open your post or swipe through it. Quality and creative visuals are the windows you need for your posts to appear exciting and rope in readers.

Do you want your post to have shares? Use visuals with color combinations and creative graphics to instill online FOMO for anyone unsure about your post. This is a helpful way to tempt people to read, like, and share your posts. Consequently, you'll have many people following you across all your social media platforms.

Furthermore, visuals help communicate your idea. Reading long posts is a thing of the past. Nowadays, people use your visuals to figure out your message. Therefore, you need to acquire skills such as editing and Photoshop to create compelling visuals.

It’s not as challenging to connect with influencers and celebrities as you might think. If you have your eye on a particular celebrity, it will help to comment on their posts. While this is a long shot in getting their attention, your comment might just spark something in them that makes them leave a comment on your page.

Another fine way to connect with influencers is by using tags. Instead of commenting on their posts, you lure them to your page by tagging them in your relevant posts. Tagging is an excellent way to start a conversation around a particular topic and is a sure way to get attention from your target influencers and other users.

To ensure tagging works for you, analyze your target influencer’s posts and online audience to create relevant posts that they will react to. 

Ultimately, influencers will promote your content, helping you build your online brand and make your account popular.

Relevant Groups

Every social media platform has countless groups you could join to maximize your visibility. Depending on your interests, join groups that are relevant to get content ideas. 

Besides, online groups are a fantastic way to gain followers. When you join in the group’s discussions, people will notice you and want to know more about your ideas hence following your account. 

Additionally, you don't want to join groups only in your area of expertise; you want to be proactive and find other exciting groups that would appreciate your content. This way, you will build a strong presence across different audiences.

Social Media Connection - going viral

Engaging Conversations

Social media is full of ongoing discussions about many subjects. You could literally get lost in these discussions. 

On the upside, ongoing conversations are a great way to establish your presence and offer your opinions on a specific topic. Also, you get to diversify your content to several genres, so there are fewer limitations in your content ideas.

Oversharing your life could be a sign you’re struggling to give your audience something rather than not posting at all. You can avoid this by engaging in conversations through your groups and hashtags.

Have positive opinions on various topics to raise curiosity and make people want to follow you. Consequently, you not only get to build your presence around diverse conversations, but you'll persuade people to follow you and share your content. 


Keeping an online appearance is challenging, especially if you're a busy woman with a career and a family. A lot of your offline life can prevent you from posting regularly and as much as you want.

However, not to worry, as there are apps to help you schedule your posts and post across all your platforms, even when you’re offline. Consider apps like Buffer and Hootsuite – these are common for cross-posting on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Another vital thing to note is that apps help prevent procrastination. If you’re not up to posting at a particular time, you can just schedule your posts, and the apps will do the rest for you. This way, you’ll have more time to do other things without worrying about your online life.

Also, you’re able to keep consistent engagement by maintaining your regular posting timelines. Regardless of your busy life, your online presence will still be alive, and you'll continue to make useful posts that spark conversations and reactions to your accounts.

Having an ongoing online life needs, first and foremost, constant content creation. The other tricks are merely a way to make your content compelling enough to the right people to react and share to their networks. Stay creative with other tricks to get you noticed more online. 

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