5 Tips to Cope with Permanent Tiredness for College Students

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Starting college can be an exciting time. You’re able to meet new friends, take classes that interest you, and take responsibility for your learning. You might also find that college is the most tiring time of your life thus far.

Between deadlines, tests, strict professors, busy schedules, and maintaining a social life, you may be feeling tired all the time. You might even be a medical student deep in your studies, on your way to a medical dissertation, having no time to rest or do anything else. Your friends might be feeling the same way, making you believe this is normal. However, permanent fatigue is never normal. You can deal with tiredness in a number of ways. Here are five ways to cope with fatigue in college.

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Get enough sleep

When you first take a look into how to stop feeling tired, you might not be surprised to find the answer is to sleep more. Often in your college days, you are working so hard to meet deadlines while also maintaining a social life that sleep gets put on the back burner.

An average college student gets 6-6.9 hours of sleep, when you need about 7-8 hours per night to ensure you are well-rested.

Maintaining a regular sleep schedule of going to bed and waking up at roughly the same time each day will also help you feel less tired. Having the occasional late night is not a problem, but regular all-nighters can lead to poor academic performance due to fatigue.

Reduce stress

College tends to be stressful due to an increased workload. College is different from school, in that more is expected from you, and you need to put in more effort to obtain the same scores as you did in high school.

With the help of professional essay editor, you can reduce the stress, since you will have help in achieving good scores every time. It also includes your other writing assignments like term papers, thesis and dissertation.

In addition to having a helping hand from places like essaywriterfree, it is also useful to understand what is expected of you. Once you accept the new expectations as the norm, they hold less power over your mind, making it easier to deal with them.

Make healthy food choices

Sometimes you might ask, why am I tired all the time? After analyzing your sleeping patterns and stressors, you might realize that your food choices have an influence. Eating unhealthy foods such as takeout can make you fatigued, since your body is not getting the right nutrients, and it needs to work harder to digest the processed food.

Ensuring you eat a balanced diet with enough fruit and vegetables, and the right water intake can give you the energy you need. While it may seem inconvenient and expensive, since you would have to make your own food, it is an important step to take to keep yourself healthy in college.

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Make sure you are healthy

If you are eating healthy and getting enough sleep, it might be difficult to pinpoint what is making you tired. Having a medical check can test your hormone levels to see if there is something wrong within you. Make sure your doctor checks for thyroid problems, anemia, and symptoms of anxiety and depression.

It is also important to take care of your health. To avoid burnout, you should take time off to recover if you fall ill. It might even help to take a day off if you feel overwhelmed, highly anxious, or overly depressed, as some time off can help you improve your mood.

Plan your time

Completing an assignment on time or spending enough time studying for a test might feel like a mountain to climb. When your mind is saying “I’m tired” all the time, you might find it hard to focus. Another way to deal with tiredness is to plan your time.

Draw up a weekly schedule that accounts for all your tests and deadlines. Once that is filled in, work out a schedule in which you have time to complete daily homework, major assignments, study for tests, and a little socializing without compromising on sleep or sufficient time to yourself.

Planning your time can also de-clutter your mind, making it easier to relax and sleep without anxiety looming over you.


When you go to college, you need to strike a balance. While you may be experiencing true freedom for the first time, you should not neglect the healthy lifestyle your parents taught you while growing up. Eating well and sleeping enough is as important as a healthy social life. 

Ensuring you get good grades while also enjoying yourself can be the best way to experience college. Using the above tips, you can ensure you get the best out of college without losing out to fatigue. Keep yourself properly energized so that you are always the best version of yourself. You can also check out CustomEssayMeister, Custom Essay Meister, essay writing service if you need some extra help.

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