Pre-Wedding Shoot -Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes.

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A pre-wedding shoot is one of the most important aspects for any bride and groom. This is the opportunity to have some amazing pictures before the big day. But if you do it wrong, you might regret not planning for it for the rest of your life.

To help you save the hassle, we have compiled a list of 8 pre-wedding shoot mistakes you must avoid as a couple. Take notes; this article is going to be worth your time!

Pre-wedding shoot

Not Choosing the Right Photographer

Please do not hire a photographer without having a thorough understanding of their background. If you do not wish your photos to be a disaster, we recommend doing thorough research. It could include:

  • Looking at their online portfolio
  • Reading the testimonials
  • Checking their social media accounts
  • Understanding how they work (from their website)

You can also invite your photographer friend to help with your pre-wedding photos. Also, pay attention to what the photographer has to say. Try to work together and not argue about the poses. 

Pre-book a Make-up Artist

For great pictures, book a fantastic make-up artist in advance. It will help choose the best make-up for various shootings. For this, consider making a list of make-up artists. You could also choose more than one person for different events. Please don't wait until the big day to come, as it's probably not going to be in your favor.

Not Deciding the Destination in Advance

You have to be smart about choosing the right place. It has to represent both of you and your relationship to build up memories with these pictures later on. The location doesn't have to be a fancy place that costs you an arm and a leg. Just choose somewhere that's meaningful for both of you.

For example, if you've been to a theme park together before, the amusement park would be a great place to shoot because it has memories attached to it. Or maybe it would be even better if you re-create the exact moment you've first met or had your first date. It can be as simple as that!

It'll also depend on your creativity and what you think will look good. Sometimes, even a location that's not so striking can become amazing with the right lighting and pose. Don't be afraid to experiment because it might just end up as the best shot from the whole shoot!

Moreover, indoor shoots can also be a great option. Using amazing backdrops from Foxbackdrop, you can create a near-perfect background look for your pre-wedding photos. 

Pre- wedding shoot 2

Faking Everything

Avoid doing something that you are not much comfortable with. Do not fake your facial expressions since they're the most critical element of your photoshoot. Check if your make-up is alright and you don't look overdressed. Try to do things minimally.

Losing Patience

Last but not least, patience is crucial for you as a couple. Many photos may not come perfect. Moreover, you might have to stay outdoors for long hours to complete the photoshoot. All this can affect your mood. The same can reflect in your photos. 

However, you need to understand that good things are worth the hassle. The struggles are temporary, but those beautiful photos will last for a lifetime!

Final Word

Pre-wedding shoots are fun if you are prepared and stress-free. You'll be able to connect and have fun while having fun. If you're lucky enough to have a companion who is just as crazy as you, you're sure to have many enjoyable moments. So, plan ahead and enjoy.

Do you think these mistakes will help you plan better? Tell us in the comments!

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