Shaking off Relocation Stress: 6 Tips to Make Moving Less Stressful

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For those about to embark on their first big move, coming face to face with relocation stress can be overwhelming and derailing. Unfortunately, some anxiety and nervousness are unavoidable as you pack up your belongings and prepare yourself for unpredictable changes. Relocation Stress Syndrome is a real thing.

Relocation Stress Syndrome

However, there are ways to minimize the chaos and remain on schedule despite any detours you may experience along the way. Read on for six anxiety-busting tips to ensure you stay calm and collected as you draw near your closing date. 

Partner with a reliable auto transportation provider

Finding a reliable car shipping service should be a high-priority item on your moving task list when preparing for a big move. Unfortunately, many people overlook this critical step, waiting until the last minute to call the first auto transportation provider they find off the internet, resulting in sub-par service and potentially costly roadblocks. Fortunately, you can clear obstacles like untimely delivery, incorrect quotes, and car damage by partnering with a dependable, well-reviewed auto transport company. 

By comparing ratings, receiving multiple quotes, and looking closely at the contract, you’ll find a vehicle shipper who can meet your specific needs and knock a significant stressor off your moving to-do list. 

Purge before you pack

A moving blunder many people fall victim to is boxing up their possessions without purging unwanted belongings first. Though this may not seem like a critical step, packing up unused, broken, or unwanted items will complicate the process, amplifying the amount you have to lug to your new home. However, if you take the time to sort through your possessions, throwing out or donating items that no longer serve you, you can cut down packing times and start fresh in your new space. Purging can be a great way to help with Relocation Stress Syndrome because I don't about you but clutter stresses me out.

Come to terms with moving-induced anxiety 

Though there are ways to lower the amplitude of stress you feel during the moving process, entirely avoiding relocation-induced anxiety is nearly impossible. That said, accepting that challenges will arise and coming to terms with your frustration is the first step to overcoming moving-related nerves. Once you take an honest inventory of the situation at hand, accounting for any mishaps and anxiety you may encounter, you can build a plan to reduce intense stress and power through obstacles.  

Write up an in-depth plan

The first step in reducing relocation stress is building a detailed plan, beginning preparations months in advance. Though it may be tempting to put off the nitty-gritty aspects of your move to keep anxiety at bay, the longer you procrastinate the inevitable, the more complications are bound to arise. Make sure you keep track of important dates, set doable deadlines, and create an in-depth packing procedure. That way, you’ll stay on track and organized as the big day inches closer. 

Hire a team of experienced movers 

One of the top stressors for those embarking on a big move is ensuring their belongings arrive at the new home safely, which is why hiring a team of most reliable movers is critical. Though you can save money by skipping out on a professional team, you may not be able to protect your belongings like an experienced moving company. Additionally, relocation teams are quick and efficient, allowing you to focus your energy on other important aspects when moving day arrives.  

Give yourself more time than you need

Often, people planning a move have their schedule down to a T. While solidifying each detail is critical to ensuring a smooth-sailing journey, many forget to afford themselves some wiggle room in their preparations. Building more time into your schedule than you think you’ll need allows for unforeseen circumstances, ultimately reducing stress in the long run. Additionally, planning extra time enables you to relax during down periods and recharge for upcoming tasks before the professional movers arrive.  

Wrapping up

Though unexpected inconveniences and anxiety-inducing circumstances are bound to arise during the build-up to your move and , you can curtail Relocation Stress Syndrome through in-depth planning. Consider hiring a team of professionals to help move the process along, building in an extra time cushion to avoid rushing, and coming to terms with the unavoidable chaos about to ensue. 

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