Consumer Queen’s Severe Weather Checklist

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See Consumer Queen's Severe Weather Checklist to be prepared for storm season.

Disclaimer- we are not by any means weather experts, but want to share tips on what we've learned over the years on how to be prepared for severe weather season!

Severe Weather Checklist

Consumer Queen's Severe Weather Checklist

Oklahoma is in Tornado Alley so we are all too aware of how serious it is when disaster strikes. Unfortunately in more recent years, we have also had storms that involve flooding, hail, and damaging winds, rather than specifically tornadoes.

Some of these other weather threats can be even more widespread than tornadoes. We want to prepare for all types of severe weather!

By now most of us have some kind of plan in place for when something terrible does happen.  But there are still plenty of people who don't have a plan of action.

Don't let that be you!  It's not fun to talk about, but it is necessary.

Cheryl Hughes stormy night - Severe Weather Checklist
Photo Credit: Cheryl Hughes

How to Prepare

During storm season we keep our storm shelter clean and ready to go.

We have a Severe Weather Checklist of products that we keep not only in the shelter but also in the house when the threat may not be as severe that we need to use the shelter. For example, hail, lightening and flooding.

Big Tornado - Severe Weather Checklist

In this post we've got some tips along with some great products to help you prepare for storm season. Thank you to everyone who submitted photos!

We had an active storm season last year (2019) so a lot of these photos were form a few impressive yet damaging storms that moved through in the spring.

Storm Shelter Checklist:

The main thing we prepare each year is our storm shelter. If you don't have one nearby, weather experts recommend have a plan and safe place planned in case of a weather emergency.

Each spring we clean out the storm shelter. Here are some ideas for an emergency bag/backpack you can have ready to take to the shelter- and things to take along with you in the event your family ends up needing to use the storm shelter.

Severe Weather Checklist- Have Good Quality Weather Products

Sometimes power outages can last for days. A good charger for electronics is important, especially if you live in a remote area that may not have power restored for a while.

Jennifer Lacy Stormy - Severe Weather Checklist
Photo Credit: Jennifer Lacy

Charging Your Electronics:

The AdventureUltra from myCharge provides up to 8x extra battery life and features USB ports as well as a built-in AC Power Port.


The powerful charger can run a 32” TV for up to three hours and has power-stay technology that allows the battery to maintain power for up to one year.

Mila McGaha Korn Flooding
Photo Credit: Mila McGaha Korn

Have reliable Lighting

We've all had those freebie flashlights we've gotten from the fair, or maybe as a stocking stuffer. Those are great to use around the house when you need a little extra lighting, but for a storm when the power may be off for hours, we recommed having a reliable and strong light source.

A large flashlight like the one pictured from Pelican is ideal for storm and disaster preparation.

We sadly had flooding one year, that lasted so much longer than the typical 1-3 days.  With flooding and storms comes longer power outages.

The smaller flashlights will not last through major weather disasters, so having a reliable, high quality flash light or lantern is on my list. You want something that is durable, water proof and will last you a long time.

The 9415 Flashlight from Pelican is ideal if you can invest in a high quality flashlight.  I would consider this product for church groups, camping groups, and those in flood-prone or remote areas (prone to longer power outages).  I love that this one is rechargeable and I don't have to purchase batteries. It is priced at $413.95.

  • Built Pelican tough
  • Handy push button on/off switch
  • High/Low/Flashing Modes
  • Super bright LED beam
  • Safety Certified – Class I, Division I
  • Carrying Strap included
Smart Shelters


When storm season hits you will see flash flood warnings all over our television. We have gotten so much rain in our area that many people lose their homes.

A quality pair of rain boots is perfect to have on hand.

If we end up using our storm shelter or are in danger of a flood, I edge on the side of caution with what I decide to wear. One thing NOT to wear is pajamas. If for some reason we had to leave the house, I want to be wearing a set of clothes I don't mind being out and about in. Even if it's warm, I will grab a pair of socks and full tennis shoes!

One year during a tornado and torrential rains, I had on a pair of flimsy sandals. The weather was warm, but needless to say my feet were soaked after having to try to get home in the rain from where we were at! I never wore sandals in a storm ever again. If you have rain boots, this would be my choice!

I love my ROMA rain boots pictured below.

rain boot 2

For every pair of boots sold, a new pair is donated to a child in need. ROMA was founded in 2010 by Samuel Bistrian, who wanted to combine his love of fashion and philanthropy to help children in his home country of Romania..

rain boot

Not to mention extra clothing & blankets – you’ll need these in case you end up in the storm shelter or outside in nothing but your pajamas.

Lightening Strike - Severe Weather Checklist

Severe Weather Checklist – How to Stay Connected:

The Motorola TALKABOUT T480 two-way radio helps families stay connected when the unexpected hits.

It comes with a wall/desk stand accessory, so can be used as a traditional weather alert radio or as a two-way radio.

Even if you don't choose this specific model, we do recommend having a good two way radio handy. If you end up having a dead cell phone or no cell service after a major storm (think tornado or flooding), you can communicate within a large distance with these radios.

T480 Rechargeable Emergency Preparedness Two-Way Radio

The wall, desk stand allows it to remain fully charged at all times, so users don’t have to worry about battery drain.  And, still receive NOAA weather alerts automatically. This one features a 35 mile range!

Families can take them on the road, to the park, camping, etc.  and still stay connected to changing weather conditions. 

Plus in the event of a power outage when cell phones are down, two-way radios are an important and much needed communication tool.

Rayna Coburn Tornado - Severe Weather Checklist
Photo Credit: Rayna Coburn

Thanks for reading about how we prepare for storm season! We know storms are unavoidable in certain areas of the country, but we can do our part to be prepared and share what we've learned over the years.

Wishing everyone a calm storm season, of course! Take a look at some more of our spring posts right here on Consumer Queen!

hail stones  - Severe Weather Checklist

For More, See My Storm Shelter Checklist Here!

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