It’s My 1 Year DREAMiversary !

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It's My 1 Year DREAMiversary ! I can't believe it has been 1 year since I lost my job and started down the path and following my dreams in blogging professionally. Yes, you got that right. My blog is now my family's only income.  It has gone by so fast that I literally thought my anniversary was in June lol. It has been a scary, but an amazing ride. I cannot tell you how much happier I am. My kids have their mom back, I can now attend any and all of their school functions, I can play doctor when they are home sick. I feel like even my husband and mines relationship has gotten so much stronger. I think because I am just a happier person. I wish I would have just trusted God sooner and started this adventure several years ago. I am so happy that I can now attend every Dr. appointment than Daniel has. Before I felt like this, helpless person that was playing tug of war between working and paying the bills and trying to be a caregiver to my husband.

I also feel like I have found my worth. Once I started taking myself seriously the brands did too! When I was working outside of the home I had to turn down so many amazing opportunities and events and it was like sticking poking at a sore. It just made my unhappiness grow even stronger.

So what am I doing now?

  • I love the outdoors and I have finally started the project to redo my backyard. I am even planting a vegetable garden.
  • I am doing a LOT of traveling. Both sponsored and non sponsored. YES! I can finally take those brand trips. (I just interviewed Angelina Jolie in LA! )
  • I am writing more content that I love. DIY, Recipes and more about ME!
  • I am getting a blog makeover! Yes, I am announcing it now, I am more than just a money saver and it's time I showcase it!
  • I am enjoying life and my family.

I just wanted to take this time to thank the following people:

My Fans – Thank you for supporting me. Every time you printed a coupon, commented on a post, bought through one of my links. You played a HUGE role in all of this. You do not realize how much a simple share or referral made such a big difference. I could not have this site without YOU!

The bloggers –  Who were my cheerleaders, who told me I could do it! The ones who gave me advice, answered all my silly questions, sent me leads and the most important… Opened themselves up and shared the information that they did when most people would have kept it to themselves. ( you all know who you are)

To the brands-  That took me seriously, went out of their way to help me find work and continue to give me amazing opportunities! I am truly grateful for you. Again without YOU , none of this would be possible.

To my family-  Who stood by me, while I got on my feet and worked out all the kinks. I know you guys went through a lot of craziness while I figured all of this out.

But most of all…. GOD  who let's just say, gave me the PUSH that I needed to believe in myself and “Just DO It”
He continues to make sure I have everything I need! Philipians 4:19

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  1. Congratulations! Turning your blog into your income is a huge accomplishment, I’m sure you are very proud (rightly so). I love that you are able to make this dream a reality while still making your family a priority. Go you!
    I hope to reach the goal of turning my blog into more of a hobby someday too.

  2. This is so amazing! Congratulations on all your hard work, sacrifice and your family’s sacrifices. It’s amazing how it has all paid off. I have been following your advice on many things for only about 6 months now, and I am so grateful to you for sharing your knowledge with everyone including me! Being a disabled mother of two, wife to one (tee hee), and my bedbound grandmothers sole caretaker money has to go as far as possible. We were at the point last year of losing the only home my girls have ever known, and that made me feel like the biggest failure because I felt there was nothing I could do about it. We still are not in the clear completely yet, but I have been able to save money thanks to your wisdom, and your kindness of sharing it. I never felt like saving .25 was good enough until I read on your blog, it doesn’t matter how muchou save, what matters is that you saved. Well, thank you! Your words really do Tiruchirapalli many! Congrats again, and God bless you and your beautiful family!

  3. I’m sorry for my typos. The sentence Your words really do Tiruchirapalli many! Should read your words really do touch many!

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