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  1. Now this is a product that I could use. My grandkids love cupcakes and this would make my life easier

  2. Love this idea! Although I know my teenager can use the oven to make cupcakes, I would feel so much better with the Cupcake Maker. I like to give her a self of independence in the kitchen but with working with the stove/oven I worry and end up hover over her. This will allow her to make them and bake them all by herself and feel as if she did it all. Great review!

  3. I have looked at these at the stores and I wondered if they worked well. I think we are going to invest in at least the cupcake one. My kids love cupcakes, brownies, muffins etc and Little Man loves mini stuff. This would be perfect. Plus my kids can have independence in cooking. (Maybe they will make me cupcakes for my birthday…they would not even need to involve me if we had this!)

  4. The cupcake maker would be awesome for my fantastic mini cherry cheese cakes…YUM…I try to only make them during the holidays.

  5. Cupcakes are/have been all the rage lately…I have found many blogs just for cupcakes in the last couple months…I see you like a couple too…the thing is you spend hours surfing from blog to blog… 🙂

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