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Healthy Tip: Use Zucchini instead of noodles in Lasagna!

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Zucchini in Lasagna

Here's a healthy way to sneak in some more veggies. This is also great for a low-carb or gluten free diet. Use thinly slice zucchini instead of noodles in lasagna. I did this last time and it was sooo good! You can substitute all the noodles or just half of them. I decided since it was  my first time trying it I would do half …plus I use gluten-free noodles and they are expensive!! This kids didn't even noticed and my husband really liked it.

You can slice the zucchini thinly with a knife but I just used a vegetable peeler, it worked awesome! Use them in place of noodles. No need to cook them or anything. Just slice them and put them in!

Unfortunately I'm not going to reveal some amazing lasagna recipe! I wish I had one to share, but I'm still working on mine. This is just a healthy tip that I loved and wanted to pass along.

If you've got an tips or secrets to amazing lasagna you want to share…let's hear them!


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  1. Awesome idea! I have been using spiral sliced zucchini to replace half the spaghetti pasta–absolutely no one noticed! When I told them afterwards, everyone gathered around the dish to examine it 🙂 Last night I replaced half the egg noodles in a tuna skillet with yellow squash sliced to about the same size (no ruffly edge, though) and again—no one noticed. What you *see* is the half that is really noodles or pasta and what you taste is the sauce–that’s it…but waaay healthier.

  2. It can make your lasagna a bit watery. It helps to press the slices between paper towels for a few minutes or cook them a bit on a non stick skillet or grill.

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